5 Foods To Avoid To Lose Weight

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5 Foods To Avoid To Lose Weight

5 foods to avoid to lose weight. We work really hard to lose weight. And sometimes we do all this work trying to lose a little but don’t seem to get anywhere! You exercise and think you eat well but nothing. So what’s the deal? Are you incapable of losing weight or are there other factors?

Well some of the foods that you are eating that you think are healthy may actually be holding you back from reaching your weight loss goal. And the food you eat has a huge impact on your weight. What are some foods that you should avoid if you want to lose weight? Here are our top suggestions.

1. Chips

The first of the 5 foods to avoid to lose weight is chips. It is easy to eat a lot of chips. You could eat a whole bunch without even realizing it. Pretty much any sized packed can be consumed by 1 person in 1 sitting. And this goes for both potato chips and french fries. Both are no where near as healthy as their main ingredient potatoes. This is because of all the added ingredients and the frying process. Chips have been strongly linked to weight gain. Try to avoid all chips and only have as a treat maybe once a month or less often

2. Soda’s & Fruit Juice

The second of the 5 foods to avoid to lose weight, soda & fruit juice. Ok so not exactly a food but these are definitely worth mentioning. Soda’s are full of sugar, coloring, preservatives, and other chemicals. They should be avoided at all cost if you want to lose any weight. Sorry, this also includes diet soda! The main difference between regular and diet soda is that they replace the sugar with an artificial sweetener such as aspartame. Artificial sweeteners have been linked to a whole bunch of diseases and can help you put on weight! So just because it is a “diet” soda, it will still help you put on weight. Avoids all sodas.

With fruit juices, they can be ok in very small quantities. Fruit is full of natural sugar which is fine when you eat fruit (there is lots of fiber in fruit), but when you juice it and drink, you end up losing most of the fiber and end up consuming plenty of sugar. They are also usually highly processed. If you had 1 liter of orange juice in a day, that is equivalent of eating 15 oranges. Now I don’t know anyone who eats 15 oranges a day but I have heard of people drinking 1 liter of OJ. Much better to just eat fruit rather than drink the juice.

3. Supermarket Bread

The third of the 5 foods to avoid to lose weight – supermarket bread. While it is possible to find good quality bread in the supermarket, about 95% of the bread they sell should never be consumed. Bread often has a bunch of sugar added, is full of chemicals, and offers basically zero nutritional benefit. White bread in particular is highly refined and can spike your blood sugar levels. Just 2 slices of white bread a day can lead to weight gain. So if you are serious about weight loss, avoid white bread at a minimum. Buy fresh and natural bread at your local bakery rather than the grocery store as they generally have much better ingredients. Or you could try Ezekiel bread which is not only tasty but also good for you.

4. Pizza

The forth of the 5 foods to avoid to lose weight, Pizza. Pizza is super convenient and generally pretty cheap. But these benefits come at a cost to your health and weight. While homemade pizza’s from scratch can actually be really good for you if you pile them with vegetables, store bought ones offer very little nutritional benefits. They are high in carbohydrates, contain processed meats, and are made with processed flour. Avoid pizza if you want to lose weight or try making a homemade one.

5. Ice Cream

And the final of the 5 foods to avoid to lose weight. Ice cream. Yep it tastes awesome. But this is one that we should only have every couple of months or so as it is very high in calories and is either loaded with sugar or an artificial sweetener. This is not even the biggest issue with ice cream. It’s the fact that we can consume so much ice cream in one sitting that we basically consume enough sugar in one sitting for the entire week. Some people consume a liter of ice cream in a sitting! That is far too much!

Try making your own ice cream at home. It is super easy, just look online for recipes. Or you could simply make a fruit ice cream with frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, and a little coconut milk. Then mix in your blender and enjoy! Super delicious and healthy.

Bonus Tips: Also Avoid The Following

Cakes & Pastries

Cakes and pastries are mostly loaded with sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, and other unhealthy ingredients which are going to do no good for your health. Let alone your waist line. And again, it is really easy to overeat these kinds of foods. They are very moreish. If you must have something sweet, go for a piece of dark chocolate. Be careful though when choosing dark chocolate. Make sure to choose one with no added sugar and a high cocoa percentage. Go for 80% cocoa or higher.


While there is no clear evidence of drinking some alcohol will make you put on weight, drinking a lot will. There are lots of carbs in alcohol and over consumption is very easy to do. So if you are serious about losing weight, try limiting yourself to up to 5 drinks a week spread out thought the week. Not all on one night.


About 98% of the cereals in the grocery store are complete junk. They are usually packed with sugar and a host of other ingredients on the naughty list. You could spend about an hour looking through ingredients labels of these cereals to try and find that nugget of gold (a healthy one), or you could have a homemade smoothie for breakfast or some plain oats with honey. Have children? Make sure you are looking at the ingredients labels of kids cereals. They are usually the worst culprits.

Granola Bars

There is a common misconception that granola bars are healthy. While this can be true in some cases, in most situations this is far from the truth. They are generally loaded with sugar and provide many empty calories. Plus you could usually eat 2-3 granola bars no issue at all. If you must get a granola bar, make sure to carefully check the ingredients list for unhealthy ingredients. The main ingredients should be different types of nuts and perhaps honey.

So there you have it. The 5 foods to avoid to lose weight and some bonuses. If you need further help losing weight, check out our WonderSlim reviews.

Now over to you. Do you have any other foods that you think should be added to this list? And what has your experience been eating and / or avoiding these foods? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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