5 Foods That Are Holding You Back From Losing Weight

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When you attempt to lose weight, it is really important to really think about what you eat. You want to make sure that the food you eat is not only healthy, but they should never compromise your weight loss journey. However, food and nutrition can be tricky. And there are times where you may think a certain food is healthy where in fact it is holding you back from achieving your goals. There are a lot of foods (especially packaged foods) which have a lot of ingredients that are not good for us and often contain lots of sugar. Not what you want if you are looking to lose weight. Read below to find out what the foods are that you should be avoiding if you want a healthy eating plan for women and men.

Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals are super convenient and inexpensive. And the milk that you drink with your cereals can be a good source of calcium. Some cereals are even a good source of protein and fiber. However, cereals are usually one of the major culprits for not allowing you to lose weight. Most (and I’m talking about 95% of the cereals in the grocery store) are not good for you and should be avoided! And this is due to all the nasty ingredients which are added and then they promote the product to be healthy by saying something like fat free. Just because it is fat free doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Many cereals contain more than the recommended amount of sugar. You also finished a bowl for breakfast but find yourself craving for more food not long later. And because of this many people use a large bowl for their cereal so it helps them keep going for longer which adds to the negative effect of cereal. Cereals usually contain very little nutrients. They basically do nothing good for us. And there are so many cereals that look really healthy until you read the ingredients lists. This being said, there are good cereals out there, but they are very difficult to find in your local grocery store. Try looking in health foods stores of Whole Foods store and check your ingredients list. Or try substituting your cereal for eggs or fruit. The sugar from fruit is far better for you than processed sugar you get in cereals.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is a great healthy snack that you could take with you anywhere you go. It’s typically made up of a combination of dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Trail mix is usually packed with protein, healthy fats and vitamins and it can make you feel full longer. It also does a good job in keeping your blood sugar level constant.

One thing that you should know about trail mix is that they are very densely packed with calories so you have to pay close attention to the portion size. If you have bought these trail mixes at the grocery store, check the nutrition label so you know what is considered as a serving size and only take that much with you when you intend to eat that as a snack. Your small handful of trail mix may be actually bigger than the recommended portion size and you could end up eating more than 500 calories in just one sitting.

Also, make sure you avoid trail mixes with added chocolates such as smarties.

Fruit Juices / Smoothies

Fruit is healthy. But how come drinking fresh fruit juices can be unhealthy?

Fruit contains fiber. In the process of juicing the fruit, the fiber is being separated out therefore you are losing that protective barrier. Fiber is known to slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Without it, the liver will not have enough time to catch up and the sugar will get easily absorbed by the body. This could lead to health issues in the future such as diabetes and obesity. Smoothies too, contain high level of sugar which can send your blood sugar into overdrive. When that happens, you will most likely crave for more sugar an hour later and eventually pack on the extra pounds instead of losing them.

Also, when you drink orange juice for example, you are drinking around 5-6 oranges per glass. That is a lot of sugar. You are able to consume so much more sugar this way then if you decided to eat an orange. Have you ever eaten more than 2 oranges to yourself in one sitting? There are many people who drink 2-3 glasses of orange juice in a row. That’s around 15 oranges! And that’s a lot of sugar! This is not part of a healthy eating plan for women or men.

The bottom line is, any sugary drink can prevent us from losing the weight. It would be a lot better and beneficial if we just grab a glass of water instead. Eat fresh fruit and not fruit juice is part of any healthy eating plan for women and men.

Salad Dressings

If you’re trying to lose weight, the chances are that you have been eating a lot of salads recently. And salads are part of a healthy eating plan for women and men. Still not losing weight though? The culprit could be the salad dressing that you’re using.

Salad dressings are used to give the salad more taste. Nowadays, you see a lot of commercialized salad dressings available in the grocery store. This may be more convenient than making your own but the things is, many of these dressings are made with processed oils, not counting the other preservatives and chemicals used. They often contain sugar too.

Your best option – create your own salad dressing. This will allow you to experiment with different ingredients in order for you to discover your personal favorites and you can control the ingredients that you use. You can use vinegar as a base instead of oil to control the calories. There are so many free salad dressing recipes online for free.

Gluten Free Food

Gluten is a type of protein that is found in wheat, rye and barley. Gluten-free products are necessary for people who are diagnosed with coeliac disease because their immune system reacts unusually to gluten and it can cause bowel damage. There are also those who feel sluggish and generally don’t feel good after eating gluten. But sometimes eating gluten free foods can actually help you put ON weight. Yep!

Foods that are gluten-free aren’t necessarily healthier. Many of these foods are high in calories, sugar and fat, but low in nutrient content. And these ingredients are added in to things like bread as they need to substitute out the wheat from bread and so forth. Besides, consuming prepackaged or processed food is not the best option. Want something that is naturally gluten-free, then stick to whole foods like quinoa and make sure to check the ingredients list of any gluten free foods you eat. If you can’t understand some of the ingredients or if there is sugar or vegetable oils, avoid it.

If you’re looking for a healthy eating plan for women or men, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid packaged foods, and drink lots of water. Or better yet, try a weight loss shake. One of our top picks is WonderSlim. Read our WonderSlim review here.

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