5 Things Healthy People Have In Common

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5 Things Healthy People Have In Common

We all know at least one person in our lives who seems to never get sick. They always seem to be full of energy, happy, and of course always healthy. But how do they do it? Where they born with superior genes to ours? The fact is that these people all have things in common to make them this way. So what is it? Why are these people always healthy?

Healthy People Eat Loads Of Vegetables

Most people eat at least some vegetables. But it is less common for us to eat fresh vegetables. Often we get our vegetables from the freezer section of the grocery store or through packaged foods. Whereas health people almost always eat fresh vegetables. They make salads, have side salads, or steamed vegetables with their meals. They also avoid cream based dressings and go for an oil based dressing. So avoid the Caesar dressing and go for a balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil. A typical day of what healthy people eat is… Breakfast: smoothie, oats, or fruit salad. Lunch: salad with chicken, or wrap with salad. Dinner: sti-fry with lots of vegetables, or protein with salad.

They Avoid Sodas And Fruit Juices

Healthy people almost always avoid sodas and fruit juices. They may have less than 5 sodas a year! And this includes diet sodas. Those are just as bad as their sugary counterpart if not worse. And diet sodas are just as likely to help you put on weight. The reason they have so few sodas is that they do a lot of damage to our health. They are full of sugar, often artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, flavors, and other really nasty stuff. Generally if healthy people are wanting a soda, they opt for a sparkling mineral water.

They Exercise Often

Healthy people spend a lot of time exercising because they enjoy it and it makes them feel great. They also enjoy pushing themselves so invest in products such as FitBit to make sure they are getting enough steps in a day or enough time exercising each and every day. Exercising only 20 minutes a day can help your blood circulation, burn calories, improve your heart health, and cardiovascular levels. They also practice yoga, whether it be a yoga class or practice yoga at home. If you are interested in trying yoga at home, check out our YogaDownload review.

They Avoid Fast Food

Let’s face it. Fast food is cheap, convenient, and for the most part tastes pretty good. However, this all comes at a far higher cost. The cost of your health and weight. Healthy people only eat fast food a hand full of times each year. Fast food is a big culprit that makes you sick. Very low quality food which is packed with nasty ingredients. Fast food is a big contributor to heart disease and obesity.

They Drink Lots Of Water

Remember earlier I said they avoid sodas and fruit juices? Instead they drink water. Lots of water! They drink around 8 glasses of water a day. Water helps healthy people stay healthy, hydrated, and their skin looking younger.

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