5 Tips To Sleep Easy

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The importance of sleep is often underestimated. Restless sleep and sleeplessness has become the norm. Many are working longer hours at work which means they get home later and have dinner later. This basically pushes everything back and causes people to go to sleep later. Or people are dreading the work day so they go to bed later as it feels like you won’t be going to work so soon. Do you know that feeling?

And many just think that sleep is a waste of time and think they are ok with getting only around 6 hours of sleep per night. But little do these people know that having this small amount of sleep each day is detrimental to energy and brain function. Luckily there are many sleep solutions out there which will help you sleep easy.

Firstly, Why Is Sleep Important?

Getting enough sleep is so important for your general health and wellbeing. A lack of sleep causes:

  • Sugar cravings.
  • Fatigue.
  • Energy slumps such as the 3pm crash.
  • Binging.
  • Restless sleep.

And just because you can handle less than 8 hours of sleep now, it may cause issues for you later on in life. Those getting less than 8 hours on a consistent basis are actually more susceptible cognitive function decline later on in life.

There have been countless studies proving the importance of a good night sleep and how it improves cognitive function. It also improves the speed at which you process things.

Luckily there are many sleep solutions which will help you sleep easy each night. So, we know that sleep is important, how do we sleep easy, increase the quality of our sleep, and decrease sleeplessness?

Reduce Light & Noise Pollution

A couple of the easiest ways to sleep easy is to reduce light and noise pollution. Pretty sure that most people like sleeping in the quiet without any racket around them. This way you don’t get waken by unexpected noises which disturbs your sleep. But did you know that light pollution also has a big role in a better night sleep? And I am not just talking about having your curtains open and the street lights are shinning into your room. I am also talking about lights from your electronics or chargers. All of these LED lights add up and can actually have a negative effect on your sleep.

So for a better night sleep, make sure you have black out curtains. And cover any lights from electronics or anything else to ensure your room is pitch black.

Don’t Exercise Within 2 Hours Of Bedtime

Exercising right before you go to bed can cause issues falling asleep. Try and finish all exercise (especially high intensity exercises) at least 2 hours before you go to bed. This is due to your mind and body gets into a really high pace and even if you manage to fall asleep quickly, the chances are that this sleep will be a light one and it will take a long time to fall into a deep sleep. Allow your body to wind down before bed. Light exercises or stretching is ok. This one of the sleep solutions will help you sleep easy.

Get Into A Rhythm

You know how parents of young kids put their kids to sleep at a similar time each night? This happens as it helps the child get into a sleep rhythm and they are tired at the same time each night. And wake at a similar time each day.

It is the same for adults. If you start work early each day, try and wake at the same or similar time on the weekends. And try and go to sleep at a similar time also. This will reduce restless sleep and do wonders for your energy levels as well as cognitive function.

Eliminate / Reduce Caffeine

You may not be too happy to read this one. But caffeine causes sleeplessness. Having a coffee first thing each morning can cause your body to become reliant on coffee to wake up. And without it you will be pretty much useless to those around you. So if you drink coffee, try and save it for a mid morning drink. And don’t drink coffee after around 2pm as this will affect your sleep. Again, even if you can fall asleep, it doesn’t mean your quality of sleep is any good. Caffeine helps stop you from entering into a deep sleep.

If you must have a coffee in the late afternoon or evening, try having a decaf. They have a little caffeine in them buy far less than a regular coffee. This will help you sleep easy.

Routine Before Going To Bed

Having a routine before going to bed can really help you fall asleep faster and is a great sleep solution. Try things such as doing some light yoga before bed. Or perhaps exfoliate 2 times a week before bed. Or even write in your gratitude journal. So write down 3 things that you were grateful for that day and be specific. All of these things can do wonders for your sleep. So find a routine before bed that suits you.

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Have you suffered from sleeplessness? Have you tried any of these tips above to get a better night sleep? If so, how did they work for you? Or do you have any other great tips that can help improve the quality of your sleep? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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