The Amazing Alkaline Diet

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The Amazing Alkaline Diet

There are a lot of diets that are floating around. All promising many benefits and a quick solution of how to lose weight and look 20 years younger. One thing they all have in common. They don’t all last. Although they may work for a while, a lot are very restrictive on what you can eat or what you must avoid. With many of them not ideal for a long-term solution. Ultimately, when it is over, whatever weight was lost, comes flooding back.

There is one diet that bucks this trend. “The Alkaline Diet.” And this diet has been around for many years, so it has been tried and tested and proven by many to actually work. And it is suitable for a long-term solution. Yes, you may think it is restrictive on some foods, but for good reason. You will quickly realize this and it also makes no promise of being a quick fix. Because it’s concept is to provide all the benefits you would expect from highly nutritious foods.

The Alkaline Diet has a 20/80 rule. This means you are allowed to eat 20% acidic forming foods and the remaining 80% should be alkaline forming foods. Essentially by following this rule, your body should be back into balance with a pH level of between 7.35-7.45.

Ever since the start of the industrial revolution, man has created many hundreds of thousands of toxins. And these we are constantly exposed to, from mass farmed animals that contain many steroids and antibiotics to processed foods we eat. Even the cosmetics which we put on our faces.

Due to these toxins and added sugars in most foods, there is a massive buildup of free radical damage within the body. And this leads to inflammation in certain areas. Additionally, with this buildup of free radicals, the immune system performs at a much lower level and can lead to many illnesses forming. Some illnesses include colds and flu. More serious illnesses include bone deterioration, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and ultimately cancer.

It is the acidic state of the blood that causes a state of acidosis, and it is here all the cells which cause these illnesses can thrive in this acidic environment. This is because these cells use sugar to ferment which produces oxygen. These then cluster together when there is no clear passage through the smaller veins, and it is this buildup of blood cells that causes inflammation to form. Which can then lead to these illnesses forming without warning.

The Alkaline Diet helps to resolve this problem with all the healthy vegetables and fruit that you eat. They not only restore the pH level back to a neutral state, but they provide an abundance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is these that helps the blood to become fully oxygenated. Additionally, it is a reduction in the amount of bad sugars in the diet, so the rogue cells are unable to survive.

Protection for Muscle Mass and Bone Density

With such a high intake of vitamins, nutrient and minerals, there is more protection against sarcopenia, which is decreased bone and muscle strength due to old age. The diet also helps the production of growth hormones and vitamin D absorption. This helps to build these back up again. Now the blood is fully oxygenated, and the acid levels have been lowered, so the bones cannot be attacked and eroded by the acid that was forming.

Hypertension, Strokes and Diabetes

One major anti-aging effect of the Alkaline Diet is the protection against cardiovascular disease. This is partly due to the amount of processed foods which are no longer in the diet, as the body will have a lower degree of added sugars in the body. Essentially, this can help lower high cholesterol and hypertension. With diabetes, the body has a very unstable production of insulin, so when there is too much sugar in the blood, there is too much insulin being produced. When following the Alkaline Diet, most of the sugars which are a major ingredient in processed foods are vastly reduced, and this gives the body a much healthier chance of balancing the unstable insulin production. Thankfully, it also eliminates the chances of sugar spikes occurring without a conscious knowledge of these taking place.

Inflammation and Chronic Pain

When there is chronic acidosis, this is where inflammation can start. Actually, this has been shown to be a contributory factor in: chronic back pain, headaches, menstrual symptoms and joint pain (arthritis). All of these can be alleviated or eliminated by following the Alkaline Diet. Now the body is on the way to a neutral state, and any toxins that have built up in the body will now be flushed from the system. This is the result of the kidneys becoming free from any build up, where there could have been a possibility of kidney stones forming.

Weight Loss, Energy and Feeling Good

As a welcome side effect of the diet, there is an ability to help you lose weight. This is due to the amount of foods which get eliminated. Foods which are full of bad sugars and processed foods. As these are not allowed on the diet, all you are able to consume is healthy vegetables, fruit and a small amount of protein and a treat here and there (for the 20/80 ratio). So, within this, protein should be all the good fats and carbohydrates that you can consume. Due to the weight loss that will occur and the abundance of vitamins and nutrients, you will get a major energy boost and a good sense of well-being as another bonus. The body will also be able to once again produce its own natural collagen; this will improve skin condition.

Growth Hormones

The Alkaline Diet can aid everyone including children and postmenopausal women. It has been found that due to bodies having high acid levels, the production of the growth hormone has greatly been reduced. Essentially, by following the Alkaline Diet, the bicarbonate and potassium citrate levels are increased, and improved posture and memory functions as well. It can also benefit children as the introduction of the growth hormone will enable them to grow more naturally, without processed or harmful foods.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are two very serious illnesses that can affect many people. Thanks to the Alkaline Diet and the number of nutrients and minerals which are now introduced back into the body, it can now produce much richer and fully oxygenated blood cells. Actually, the overall risk of these diseases can be greatly reduced. The buildup of plaque and tangles inside the brain, are the main factors of these illnesses forming in the first place.


For decades, it has been known cancer cells can thrive in an acidic environment, so when oxygen-rich blood cells are being produced from the effects of the Alkaline Diet, the amount of free radical damage that can lead to cancer forming activity is also greatly reduced.

Many people follow the Alkaline Diet, and have been doing so for some time. There have been no major effects of following it, as it is a healthy lifestyle choice for the long-term. Some people who used to suffer from chronic hay fever, have now reported they have no symptoms and have stopped using medication. Additionally, there are other people who have had symptoms of Alzheimer’s, who can now live a normal life due to symptom minimization. Generally, anyone who has tried the Alkaline Diet has a better chance for keeping physical and mental health through the way they are now living. Definitely worth a try, as a lifestyle change and not a fad diet.

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