Benefits Of Cloth Diapers

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The Benefits Of Cloth Diapers

Back in the day, families had no choice but to use cloth diapers (or cloth nappies or eco nappies depending on where you live) and they even had to deal with sharp pins to keep the diapers on. Plus they had to fold the reusable diapers in order to fit the baby properly. When disposable diapers were invented, everyone thought they were amazing. No more diapers to launder and they didn’t have to struggle with the clamps and pins. However, cloth diapering have made a huge come-back and for a few reasons. And they have come back new and improved. They are more modern and now come with added features. Features such as buttons which you can snap together for the perfect fit for all sizes of babies. Although many use disposable diapers, there are some who rally behind the use of cloth diapers, urging everyone to switch. Why should you even consider doing that?

Cloth diapers bring about so many benefits not just for the baby but for the entire household and the environment.


The average baby uses around 8000 disposable diapers. 1 disposable diaper could cost around $0.24. That’s $80 per month and $950 per year. And that is assuming your baby gets potty training by the average age. If it takes them a little longer, than this cost obviously multiplies.

The cost of buying a dozen cloth diapers is only a fraction of that amount. These cloth diapers can be used from newborn up until they say “bye bye” to diapers. They can be used and reused unlike disposables that you need to throw away when they’re soiled. Think about how much you can save and what you can do with the extra money if you choose to use cloth diapers.


Cloth diapers are made of several layers of synthetic or natural fibers such as bamboo, microfleece, or microsuede. Modern cloth diapers are secured by either Velcro tabs or snaps to replace the old fashioned pins. There is no comparison on how the baby would feel against cloth diapers to layers of pressed wood pulp with polypropylene or other plastic material.

Less Irritants

Let’s face it. Disposable diapers have chemicals, dyes and fragrances. All these can cause skin rashes and irritation. Any parent would agree that a having a baby with a diaper rash is not easy to handle. They are more cranky and they cry more than usual. Motherhood, especially if you are a first time mother, can be overwhelming. Adding a cranky baby in the equation may be a little too much.

Less Health Risk

The fabric used in the cloth diapers are highly absorbent. They don’t need the aid of any chemicals in order for it to be effective. Disposable diapers contain Sodium Polyacrylate, a type of chemical that absorbs the urine turning it into a gel-like substance. This very same chemical has been linked to toxic shock syndrome.

Disposable diapers undergo a bleaching process which explains why there are traces of Dioxin, a chemical which is a by-product of the bleaching process, in them. Dioxin is listed as carcinogenic chemical.

Using cloth diapers / eco nappies would mean that you baby is not exposed to all these harmful chemicals that could either cause chemical burns, illnesses or any defects.


Contrary to what many people think, cloth diapers are now more convenient and easy to use than disposable diapers. You no longer have to fold or use any of the pins or clamps. Modern cloth diapers are shaped to fit your little one and have either Velcro tabs or snaps to keep them in place. You also won’t have to have an emergency trip to the grocery because you ran out of diapers for your baby. All you need to do is wash the soiled reusable diapers and you will soon have clean diapers to use.

Less Trash And Better For The Environmental

Dirty diapers are stinky. And they actually make up a large portion of your household trash that eventually goes to our landfills where they will stay for up to 500 years when they become fully decomposed. And as I mentioned above, the average baby uses 8,000 diapers. That is a lot of trash in the land fill and is increasing every single day! Choosing to use cloth would mean less smelly trash at home and less trash that we throw out. With that said, we are helping our environment in our own little way. This is why they are called eco nappies in some parts of the world.

Prevents Contamination

Human waste is best disposed of in the toilet so it gets treated by the city’s sewage system. This does not happen with disposables. And this is another point for the eco nappies. Disposable diapers that contain human waste is thrown into the trash that goes into the landfill. Human wastes contain harmful pathogens and viruses. There is a greater risk for our water sources being contaminated if these leak into our soil and could pose a threat to our health.

Early Potty Training

According to the National Association of Diaper Services, children who are cloth diapered get potty trained at an earlier age. That’s because they are able to recognize sooner that they are wet, which is not the case if they are using disposables.

More Choices Of Colors And Prints

Matching the color or the design of the diaper to your baby’s outfit or costume is no longer a problem. These cloth diapers come in different colors and shades. You can choose from several prints from paisley, floral to cars and dinosaurs. You can even request your cloth diaper to be custom-made if you need something that will fit the theme to your party or photoshoot.

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