Best Bathing Suits For Different Body Types

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Best Bathing Suits For Different Body Types

No one should dread the time when you need to shop or wear a bathing suit. Regardless of your body type, there is always that one style of bathing suit that would enhance your figure so you don’t feel anxious while wearing one.

Before heading out to shop, you need to know and understand your body type. Similar to buying clothes, it is by understanding the type and shape of body you have that you are able to know which style will create that balance and will look best for you.

Pear-Shaped Body

If you have a pear-shaped body, you will appear smaller on top and curvy at the hips. An eye catching top or a suit with a plunging neckline will draw the attention away from your hips.

Full Bust

Women who are well endowed will need more support at the top. Go for suits with underwire or molded cups and stay away from bathing suits with ruffles. Choose tops with thick and adjustable straps. Stay away from string bikinis as much as possible.

Smaller Chested

If you have smaller chest, do not despair because you could definitely rock the bandeaus or the tiny scoop tops. You can also go for padded tops that could give you cleavage or tops with ruffles that creates the illusion of a larger breast.

Athletic Body Shape

For women with athletic bodies, you want to create an illusion of a shapely figure. Bathing suits with details like ruffles or rings are recommended. Also go for bold prints or girly prints for a more feminine vibe.

Heavier Tummy

If you are a little heavy on the tummy, look for one-piece suits with shirring or ruching, a tankini or a two-piece high waisted suit. Try wearing something with a plunging neckline to keep the focus away from your tummy.

Curvy Figure

Those with curvy figure should go for suits that provide ample coverage and support and highlight your figure. Assymetrical suits or high waisted bikini will work best for this body type.

When you are shopping for bathing suits, do not be afraid to try on different styles and silhouettes. Get out of your comfort and try out something new. Use the straps appropriately to adjust its fit to your body. Tighten or loosen them accordingly. Go for a smaller size since these suits expand when wet. Do not get tricked into thinking that if you buy a bigger size, it will give you more coverage. On the contrary, the suit could end up being too big for you and it will not be able to give you the support that you needed. Think about comfort. Think about how the suit makes you look and feel because in the end, you want to wear something that you can be confident with.

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