Body Cellulite Explained

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Body Cellulite Explained

We often hear women complain about having cellulite in some parts of their body and several creams promising its removal and prevention. But what is cellulite? Is this something that can be avoided or prevented?

Cellulite is fats under your skin. It appears dimpled and lumpy and is often seen on the buttocks and thighs. This is more common in women because women tend to have more fats on that area than men.

What are the factors that could cause cellulite to form?


The production of estrogen in ones body could affect the formation of cellulite because it is that hormone that signals the body to build and store fat especially in the thighs and buttocks. Women during pregnancy could also develop cellulite because of the weight gain and the hormonal changes. It is during pregnancy that the body is releasing the hormone called relaxin which diminishes the production of collagen. Without enough collagen, the skin will be less elastic making the fat cells pushing against the skin more noticeable.


Genes is also another factor in developing body cellulite. If anyone in your family like your mother or grandmother has cellulite, then it is more likely that you will also have them at one point in your life.


Certain foods with too much carbohydrates or fats could increase your chance of having cellulite in your body. Make sure that you eat a balance diet and eat more foods that will improve your skin health and elasticity and at the same time improve your blood circulation. Examples of these foods are nuts, avocado, salmon, quinoa and fruits like oranges and pineapple.


Hard to believe but tight clothing could restrict the circulation of blood in your body and this could cause body cellulite to develop. Go for proper fitting clothes instead or choose outfits that are a little loose. If you keep on wearing tight clothing, cellulite will not be the only problem you have to deal with. There’s varicose veins, backaches, muscle cramps and improper digestion.


Cellulite is more common to people who smoke because smoking can stop collagen from forming which could affect your skin’s elasticity. People who also stand or sit in on place for too long can be prone to developing body cellulite. Making positive changes on your lifestyle such as engaging in physical exercises combined with eating the right food can make a difference. Ensuring that your body gets proper nutrition can improve your skin health and exercises can help tone and firm up your muscles. It may not really remove cellulite but you end up reducing its appearance.

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