Alternatives To Breast Implant Surgery

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Breast enlargement

Not everyone is born well-endowed. Some women dream about getting bigger and fuller breasts as influenced by what they see on TV, at the movies, websites, magazines and in different ad campaigns. Wherever which way you look you see women in revealing garments, showing off their cleavage. Women with fuller breasts, regardless whether you are in still in school or out in the workforce, seem to be getting more attention especially from the men. This hypersexualization of the breasts is leading women to go under the knife in order to have their breasts enhanced. And there are different types of breast implants such as teardrop breast implants, breast lift and implants, or more of a classic shape breast implant. There are also many breast implant sizes. These days more woman are heading towards the teardrop breast implants as they offer a more natural look. However, not everyone is as committed to the idea of going under the knife and getting breast implants. And they have some good reasons why not.

Breast Implants And Its Risks

Breast implants are medical prosthesis that contain sterile saline solutions. The amount of solution found in the implant dictates the firmness and at the same time the shape of the breasts. It is inserted into the body during surgery. There are risks involved when these implants are used and this makes many women wary about the idea of having them. These are just some of the risks:

  • Rupture of an implant.
  • Infection.
  • Asymmetry.
  • Hematoma.
  • Damaged tissues.
  • Breast pain.
  • Deformed chest wall.
  • Additional surgery to correct the problem.
  • Metal poisoning.
  • Dissatisfaction with the size, the look or how they feel.
  • Death in rare situations.

Although the use of breast implants could give you the breast size that you have been dreaming of, you also have to consider the cost and the amount of time before you recover from the surgery.

Other Alternatives

Enhancing the breast without using prosthetics is still possible. These options are not widely popular but you can still obtain similar results over a period of time.

Nutritional Products

There are nutritional supplements that are meant to help get natural breast enlargement. These supplements usually contain herbs like motherwort, chaste berry or blessed thistle. They contain aphrodisiacs like oat straw and damiana; also phytoestrogens like flax seed, fennel, soy and red clover. Phytoestrogen promote the growth of one’s breasts because they mimic the effects of natural estrogen.

Breast Enlargement Creams

Breast enlargement creams are a safe and non-surgical alternative for you to enhance the size of your breasts without the need for surgery. Breast enlargement creams are applied directly onto the skin so it stimulates the breast tissues and the cream is absorbed in your bloodstream. The ingredients found in breast enlargement creams contain herbs that can enhance your breast size. You could get better results if the cream is applied using proper massage techniques. To find out more about breast enlargement creams, read our Bresrogen reviews or Naturaful reviews.


Eat your way to breast growth by eating food that helps them get bigger. You should include avocado, nuts, seafood, whey protein or alfalfa sprouts in your diet and you’ll be surprised what they can do over a period of time.

Breast Enhancement Pills

These are pills that are designed for you to take so you can naturally increase the size of your breasts. Just like the nutritional supplement, these pills also contain herbs that stimulates the production of estrogen so your breasts will become firmer and bigger. Some of these are even made of all-natural ingredients and is one of the safer options.

Breast Enlargement Pumps

If taking pills or applying creams are not your thing, you may consider using breast enlargement pumps. They are easy to use and it comes with different sizes and shapes. The pump creates a suction pressure similar to that of a vacuum so it pulls and stretches the breasts out, stimulating it so the hormones needed for breast growth is released. These are different from the pumps used to extract breastmilk.

Some are similar to a device worn like a bra with two suction cups shaped like a dome, creating pressure, in order to make the breast tissues expand over a period of time. It comes with a sports bra in order to hold the two cups in place.

The breast enlargement pumps are not for everyone. Some may not respond positively to it. Although the pumps may prove itself effective, you have to be careful not to use it excessively because this could damage your breast tissues and lead to stretch marks.

Fat Grafting

This is one procedure where the fats from one area of your body is transferred to your breast. In this enhancement procedure, the surgeon will remove the fat usually from the thighs or the abdomen through liposuction and the fats collected will be injected to your breasts so it appears fuller.

This process is done to correct imperfections or deformities on your breasts or is used to make the breasts look more attractive after one has undergone a breast cancer surgery.

The decision to enhance the appearance of your breasts is a big one. But before making that life-changing decision it is important that you know your options, understand the risks involved, weigh them so you can choose the best option that you are happy and comfortable with.

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