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Brestrogen Reviews: My Journey To Bigger Breasts

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Brestrogen Reviews


From $85

Quality Of Classes


Ease Of Use





  • Increases your cup size in as little as a month..
  • Natural ingredients.
  • No reported side effects.
  • Easy to use.
  • 45 day money back guarantee.


  • You need to be consistent in application.
  • Not odorless – however it does smell nice and not overpowering.
  • A little pricey.

I was pretty skeptical when I first heard that there was a cream out there that could increase the size of my bust!

Really? Increase my bust size?

But I was desperate to try something! My bust size had been wreaking havoc on my self-confidence for my whole life and Brestrogen cream seemed like a risk free product to try. I had a friend who raved about it and had checked out some other Brestrogen reviews and so it seemed like the right time to invest in my own happiness and give it a go.

I now rave about Brestrogen more than my friend does and found it worked so well for me that I wanted to share what I had learned about the product by this creating Brestrogen reviews page.

Brestrogen Reviews: What is Brestrogen?

Brestrogen Reviews

Ok so what is Brestrogen?

Well it’s a natural breast enhancing cream that you topically apply to your breasts twice a day to promote growth. It not only helps to increase the size of your bust but it also firms and lifts your breasts by supporting ligaments around the breasts and helping your body maintain collagen which results in softer, smoother, naturally shaped breasts.

I found it super easy to use and it absorbs quite easily. According to some other Brestrogen reviews it is not as tacky as other breast enhancement creams and it definitely goes on more like any other body lotion, which was a big plus for me as having to put on a really sticky cream twice a day just isn’t my jam. I don’t want anything that will stain my clothes.

So how exactly does Brestrogen work?

This was one of my big questions before I started using Brestrogen? How does a cream increase your bust size? I was really confused!

Well the main ingredient in Brestrogen is Pueraria Mirifica which is a natural herb grown in the mountains of Thailand that is naturally super high in phytoestrogens.

Phyto- what?

Phytoestrogens are naturally occurring estrogen-like chemicals found in many different plant foods like beans, seeds and legumes. These phytoestrogens mimic some of the effects of estrogen in our body so when applied to a specific region of our body such as your bust, it helps to increase blood flow which encourages tissue growth in that area.

Pueraria Mirifica also helps to increase the length of your breasts ducts, which connect to the nipple. By helping to expand fat tissue and increase the fatty tissue of your bust, Pueraria Mirifica helps to firm your breasts.

It has actually been called an “elixir of youth” by many professionals and other Brestrogen reviews. It has many clinically proven anti-aging properties and is actually an awesome anti-wrinkle agent (bonus!).

So it’s this all natural ingredient that makes Brestrogen so effect in helping your body grow and firm up your bust!

Some Tips I Found Helpful

  1. Stay consistent. I know I said this before but follow the directions on the packaging and really make sure you are applying the cream morning and night.
  2. After researching anything that could help speed up my progress after my first week of not really seeing any change I tried the following:
    1. a. Using a hair dryer to help the cream absorb and work faster by opening my pores. I’m not totally sure if this helped or not but as I started to see changes shortly after starting to use the hairdryer. So I kept using it most days throughout the 5 months.
    2. b. Adding some estrogen-enhancing foods to my diet. Foods such as kidney beans, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, chick peas and tomatoes! These are all awesome healthy foods to be eating anyways and they made me feel like I was doing everything possible to help the Brestrogen cream work to its full potential.

Other Customer Brestrogen Reviews

I though I would add some other Brestrogen reviews here so you can see what others have been saying about Brestrogen and how it worked for them.

“Since having my 2 children my breasts have unsurprisingly lost their firmness and have considerable ‘sag’. Having used Brestrogen for the last 2 months I now notice my breasts are fuller and firmer. I feel much more confident in my vest tops and my husband keeps commenting that it looks like I’ve had a ‘mini boob job”
Mrs Sandra Webb. 38 years old.

“First thing I noticed was how smooth the skin on my breasts had become. Second thing was how much I love shopping for tops now. It doesn’t take a huge change to notice a difference in the mirror. I think Brestrogen is the perfect solution if you want more firmness and lift. Perfect.”
Ella White. 26 years old.

“First thing I noticed was tightening of the skin on my breasts. Then they began to feel firmer, followed by lifting. It’s really surprising what a difference it’s made to how my breasts look. They look completely different. I’m 5 months in now and my breasts have grown almost 2 cup sizes. I can’t even begin to explain how much more confident I feel.”
Lizzy Smart. 43 years old.

What I didn’t like about Brestrogen

Ok, so although I was so super excited about my results. But I guess all products have their downsides and these are the things we search for when looking for Brestrogen reviews. Here are a couple of things that I wasn’t thrilled about!

  • Time it takes to get results – You have to hang in there. The first week I used it I didn’t really see any difference. And although there are definitely people that seem to see results right away I wasn’t one of them. But by the third week I was definitely seeing results, which made me super excited and motivated to continue on using Brestrogen. It took me around 5 months of consistent use to increase my bust by around 2 cup sizes. Which brings me to number 2.
  • You have to be consistent – So you have to make a commitment. Twice a day for 5-6 months. But hey, it totally beats surgery right?
  • Only have 15 days after the 45 day guarantee period to claim money back – So if it doesn’t work for you within the 45 day guarantee period just make sure you get onto them to get your money back ASAP. (You totally won’t need this though).
  • Not odorless – So although Brestrogen smells nice and it’s definitely not overpowering at all, I just personally prefer odorless. But hey everyone will have a different opinion here. Some people prefer a lightly fragranced product.

What I liked about Brestrogen

Ahh, number 1 reason was the answer to the question does Brestrogen work? It does! It WORKS GREAT! For me I am so happy to hang in there, using it twice a day if I get results right? That’s what we are after. Confidence, bikinis that fit, TUBE DRESSES!!! 🙂

Ok so in all seriousness what else did I like about it:

  • It uses natural ingredients and has no side effects. Super important. You don’t want to have a better sized bust but a crazy rash everywhere!
  • It helps with not just size but also firmness and shape. Awesome!
  • Its super easy to use. Just apply to your cream topically to your breasts twice a day and you are set!
  • Ok so even though you do have to get your refund request in quickly after your 45 day trial period having a 45 day money back guarantee is pretty awesome. So there is no risk at all. Just try it and if you don’t see any results in 45 days you can claim your money back. Too easy!

Where to buy Brestrogen

I buy Brestrogen straight from the official website here to make sure I got the 45 day money back guarantee (which you don’t get from other sites or stores).

The Brestrogen website however also has some awesome deals. If you order 3 months worth of the cream you get a one month tube Free as a bonus!

That totally saves you money and remember there is a money back guarantee so you can buy the 3 months, get 4 months worth and then if it doesn’t work after 45 days, you get a full refund on your money!

So I hope these Brestrogen reviews helped and remember to check out how to take advantage of the offers on the website. Click on the image below for their latest offers.

Brestrogen Reviews

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