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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Zyppah?

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What Is A Zyppah Mouthpiece & Where To Buy Zyppah?

Before we talk about where to buy Zyppah, let’s first find out a little about this product. This stop snoring mouthpiece has a strange name, it’s actually Happy Z spelt backwards. But the name aside, the Zyppah is actually a one of the best stop snoring solutions on the market today. Unlike most mouthpieces which tackle snoring with only one method, the Zyppah uses two methods to stop snoring.

Mandibular Repositioning

This is the first method in which Zyppah help you stop snoring. Similar to a lot of other products on the market, the Zyppah advances your lower jaw forward while you sleep to stop your airways from getting blocked which results in snoring. This is often a really good method of reducing snoring or it can even completely stop it. So what is the other method that Zyppah uses?

Tongue Stabilization

This is where Zyppah from their competition. While most mouthpieces only use the method above, the Zyppah also has a tongue stabilization device. What is this all about? It is a piece of elastic that holds your tongue in place and stops it from falling into the back of your throat. This enables you to breathe easier and stops snoring from the first night of use.

This product is designed by an american dentist and is made in the USA. It it FDA cleared and also comes with a nice storage container to help keep it clean and safe.

How To Mold The Zyppah

Molding your mouthpiece is surprisingly easy. You can do this simply at home. Unlike some other mouthpieces which need to be fitted by a dentist!

All you need to do is to put the Zyppah into water just cooler than boiling water and let it sit. Take it out with a utensil and let is sit for long enough to be able to touch comfortably. Put it into your mouth and bite into it firmly. Then all you need to do is to run it under cold water then make sure it fits properly. Then it’s ready to go.

Cleaning Your Zyppah Mouth Piece

This is a product that goes in your mouth each night. You want to make sure that it is clean. I’d recommend that you give it a good rinse each morning. And clean it eery couple of days or so with a cleaning solution designed for mouthpieces. This way there shouldn’t be a build up of nasty bacteria which may affect your health. Zyppah also offer this cleaning product which I have mentioned above in the guarantee section.

90 Day Guarantee

Buy ZyppahIf for any reason the Zyppah doesn’t work for you, they offer a 90 day guarantee. So you can get your money back minus the shipping you need to pay to get the product back to them. This is standard for money back guarantees.

If you buy their cleaning product along with your Zyppah, then you are actually eligible for an extra 90 day guarantee. So that is a 180 day guarantee! By far the best guarantee in the industry.

And if you need a little longer to try out the product properly, you can contact Zyppah customer service and in most cases they will extend the guarantee. Which is awesome! Obviously this will need to be done before your 90 / 180 days has finished.

Free Shipping

Zyppah is currently offering free shipping on all orders to the United States. Who doesn’t love free shipping? But this is only for a limited time and they have not stated when it will finish.

Buy Zyppah

In Which Packages Can I Buy Zyppah?

Buy ZyppahIf you are looking to buy Zyppah, it can only be bought in two different packages.

  • 1 mouthpiece – $89.95 (on sale, regular price $119.85).
  • Double pack (2 mouthpieces) – $149.95 ($74.97 each. Also on sale, regular price $239.70).

Now on to where is the best place to buy Zyppah.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Zyppah?

Buy ZyppahUnfortunately you cannot buy Zyppah in stores. You need to get it online.

You can’t get it on Amazon or any other online retailer too.

The only place you can buy Zyppah is from the Zyppah company’s website here.


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