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Capsiplex Reviews

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Capsiplex Reviews

So I used to be pretty skeptical anytime anyone talked about pills that could help you lose weight.

I was like, really? A pill, that’s it?

I thought it must have been a scam and never looked any further into whether or not supplements can actually help you lose weight.

But after really struggling to get my weight under control and having a friend who really had been having great results using Capsiplex Sport, I thought I would do a little more research into actually what’s available in the market and what they claim to help my body do.

What I discovered is that none of the diet pills can really replace eating a healthy diet and exercising. But what they can do is support and boost weight loss and fat burning to help boost a sluggish metabolism. They can also help speed up your own body’s fat burning process to keep you motivated and on track to meeting your weight loss goals.

So after reading what seemed to be thousands of Capsiplex reviews as I was looking for an all-natural supplement that was going to boost my body’s metabolism and kick start fat burning! And some of the Capsiplex reviews seemed very biased while others seemed far more honest. So it was a little difficult to sort out those ones.

After trying Capsiplex Sport, I now rave about it more than my friend did as it really has given me that boost I needed to finally get to my goal weight. It actually worked so well for me I developed this site to share what I learned while doing my own research on Capsiplex Sport and checking out hundreds of Capsiplex reviews as well as my own personal experience.

Capsiplex Reviews – What Is Capsiplex Sport?

The first question we should answer in these Capsiplex reviews is… What is Capsiplex Sport?

Capsiplex is a weight loss supplement that also boosts energy, endurance, focus & metabolism. Its main active ingredient is capsaicin, which is the compound that gives chilli peppers their heat. It is 100% natural with the other ingredients including caffeine, niacin (vitamin B) and piperine, which is a compound found in black pepper.

So How Exactly Does Capsiplex Work?

Capsiplex Reviews

This was one of my big questions before I purchased Capsiplex. How exactly does Capsiplex work?

Well it turns out that its active ingredient capsaicin (what gives chilli or capsicum its heat) helps to speed up your metabolism and stimulated lipolysis, which is the process of breaking down fat. Vitamin C, potassium and magnesium within the capsicum extract helps to reduce fatigue, sharpen concentration, maintain your electrolyte levels and help keep your heart healthy.

The thing about capsaicin is that for the best results you need to take it in fairly high concentrations. However doing this often causes discomfort or irritation. Most people would struggle to consume large amounts of chili or other hot spicy foods.

So what Capsiplex developed was a capsule design that kept the capsicum extract locked safely within the capsule until it has pasted through the more delicate stomach and into the intestines. Therefore even if you struggle to eat hot or spicy foods you should feel no discomfort or irritation.

Other ingredients that are included in Capsiplex Sport are:

  • Vitamin B3. Boosts energy and prevents mental & physical fatigue by helping your body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
  • L-Arginine. Helps to increase blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your muscles to help boost endurance, feel more energetic and help you recover quickly.
  • Piperine. Boosts your metabolism and can also help increase the amount of nutrients that you absorb from your food helping you feel more satisfied.
  • Caffeine. Also boosts energy levels. There is about a large cup of coffee worth of caffeine in every pill.

Capsiplex Reviews

Clinical Studies

A study into the effectiveness of Capsiplex Sport was undertaken at the University of Oklahoma where participants took Capsiplex or a placebo before exercising. The participants who had the Capsiplex when compared to the placebo participant burned:

  • 3 times more calories before exercise.
  • 3% more calories during exercise and.
  • 12 times more calories up to 1 hour after exercise.

What I Don’t Like About Capsiplex Sport

It’s a little pricey especially if you buy it just one tube at a time. So what I like to do is go for one of the larger packages as it works out to be far cheaper. And remember, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee so you won’t be stuck with lots of Capsiplex Sport if you don’t like it.

What I Like About Capsiplex

Firstly that it actually helped me to lose just over 20 unwanted pounds which has literally transformed my confidence. And it can do the same for you. I also love that is has celebrity endorsement.

Ok so in all seriousness what else did I like about it:

  1. It uses natural ingredients, super important.
  2. It is a fat burner and a metabolism booster in one. Which can help with faster weight loss. Especially if you exercise which has so many other health benefits too.
  3. It increases your energy level so you actually feel like working out. It’s hard sometimes to start a workout routine because you don’t have any energy. And you know that exercising will give you energy but it’s so hard to start. So I love the energy boost it gives me to not only get me to the gym but also to help with my focus and endurance once I’m there.
  4. You get a 60 day money back guarantee which is pretty awesome. Most other diet pills only offer a 30 day guarantee. So there is no risk at all. Just try it and if you don’t see any results in 60 days you can claim your money back. Too easy!

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Capsiplex

Capsiplex Reviews

So the best place to buy Capsiplex Sport is straight from the official website. That’s where I purchased mine to make sure I got the 60 day money back guarantee (which you don’t get from amazon).

The Capsiplex website also has some awesome deals. If you order 3 tubes of Capsiplex Sport you get 3 tubes free. That totally saves you money and remember there is a money back guarantee so you can buy the 6 tubes for the price of 3 and then if you don’t see results after 60 days, you get a full refund on your money!

So I hope these Capsiplex reviews helped. And remember to check out how to take advantage of the offers on the website. Check it out HERE.

Capsiplex Reviews

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