How To Choose The Best Shampoo For Your Oily Hair

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How To Choose The Best Shampoo For Your Oily Hair

Oily hair is a condition that can be very irritating. More and more people are complaining about oily hair, but fortunately there are a lot of solutions to combat it. A lot of shampoos promise to help you get rid of your oily hair but not all of them work in the same way. You should make sure that you choose the perfect product because an improper shampoo could cause more harm than good.

Before fighting the problem, you should understand how oily hair appears in the first place. The problem is caused by the sebaceous glands, the ones responsible for ensuring a proper level of hydration for your skin by releasing sebum.

A person with oily hair usually has a problem with these glands that release an excessive amount of sebum, making the hair look greasy. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to stop this problem for good, but there are a lot of solutions to keep oily hair under control. The most appropriate one is to wash your hair regularly and to use a proper shampoo for oily hair. But the main question is: how do you choose the best shampoo for your oily hair? Bellow, we will try to give you some tips, regarding how to choose the perfect product and how to get rid of this annoying problem.

1) Avoid shampoos with additional conditioners

In order to get rid of the oily hair problem, your scalp needs to be protected from any other conditioners. When you’re buying an anti oily hair shampoo, you should make sure that it doesn’t contain any kind of conditioners. The additives tend to increase the sebum secretion and you will just worsen the situation.

2) Define your scalp type

It’s important to know that a good shampoo relates to your hair as much as to your scalp. When washing your hair, a good product will clean your scalp of oil, dirt and dead cells. That’s why, you need to choose shampoos that offer volume, strength, and balance of the hair because they are less moisturizing and are extremely effective in removing excess oil.

3) Use a clarifying shampoo

A clarifying shampoo is shampoo that cleans your hair from any waxes, hairsprays, mousses, gels or any other chemicals that make your hair heavy and greasy. A clarifying shampoo will help you remove those unwanted deposits, restore shine and give your hair a new fresh start. This is a very effective method to get rid of the oily hair problem, but you should not use it too often as it might dry the scalp. And a dry scalp will increase the sebum secretion. You can also use this kind of product on colored hair but don’t overuse it as it might cause your color to fade faster. For best results it’s advisable to use the clarifying shampoo once a month.

4) Buy only known brands

Shampoo is a personal care product and you should be 100% certain about what you buy. So it’s important not to believe TV commercials alone and do no research on your own. If you like the look of a shampoo, go on the internet and do some research. Try and find out if it works well for oily hair.

Also, search basic information about it, like how many times per month you should use it for the best results, what are the long term effects of using it, and ingredients. Chances are that someone actually used the specific shampoo and is willing to share some vital information about it’s effectiveness.

5) See a specialist

If you already tried all the above methods but none of them seems to work, then you should definitely see a dermatologist. After all, this is a medical problem, and seeking the help of a specialist is the best thing to do in this case. A dermatologist will tell you for sure where your problem comes from and will recommend you some products that will help you get rid of this annoying problem.

Greasy hair is a common and very annoying problem. But if you take proper care of your hair and find the best shampoo for your oily hair, you will get rid of this problem in no time and you will love you hair again.

Too much oil in the hair can be irritating. If you are one of those people who have oily / greasy hair, then you are not alone we are here to help you on how to care for your hair and keep it dry by using shampoo. Below is a step by step guide on how to use shampoo on oily hair.

1. Use the right shampoo for your hair

Shampoo’s are all different. The shampoo market is quite saturated. And you need not pick just any brand of shampoo in a cosmetic shop. Buy shampoo that is precisely for oily hair use. There are multiple brands available and maybe choosing an ideal one may prove an upward task. If this is the case ask for advice for the best brand perfect for your hair from your hairstylist. Shampoo with high PH can save your oily hair a great deal.

2. Use warm water

Scrub your hair gently with warm water until is thoroughly soaked or wet before you apply the shampoo.

3. Shampooing

Use a generous amount of shampoo. Adjust according to how long / thick your hair is. Spread the shampoo thoroughly all around your hair. Shampoo forms a foam, massage the foam through your hair and the scalp with your fingertips, not nails. After massaging the hair thoroughly all around, rinse your hair well with clean, warm water till the shampoo is completely gone.

Add more shampoo and repeat the process again. This is to ensure that the oil that had build up on your hair is completely removed. The benefit of shampooing your hair is the shampoo controls the hair oiliness and relieves scalp irritation immediately after the wash. Repeat this process three days a week.

4. Use Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoo goes along with the regular shampoo, its more improved, and the purpose is to cleanse deeply and entirely remove the stubborn oil build up or dandruff on your hair. Hence leaving it clean, dry and beautiful. Pour a bit of it on your hand, spread it thoroughly with circulating movements foam me it up with some little warm water to ease the movement. Massage your hair and scalp all around till is fully spread out. Don’t repeat the process, for clarifying shampoo you only use it once in every wash. This type of shampoo is only used once a week unlike regular shampooing. Note that there are wide varieties of Clarifying shampoos hence it’s essential to choose one that is best for your oily hair. You can ask for guidance from your hair stylist to advise you on the best.

5. Rinse your hair with clean, warm water

After washing your hair with clarifying shampoo, the next step is to rinse your hair with clean, hot water until the shampoo is completely gone. You should be able to feel that the hair is now clean and not soaked with shampoo, you can confirm this by looking at the water that is dropping down on your face from your head whether it’s clean.

Wrap up

Using the right shampoo for your oily hair will offer you multiple benefits. Benefits like reducing scalp itchiness, getting rid of stubborn dandruff and build up. This will control your hair oiliness leaving your hair beautiful and elegant. Follow the above easy step by step guide on how to use shampoo for your oily hair.

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