Does Capsiplex Work

Does Capsiplex Work?

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Does Capsiplex Work

The most pressing questions for me when I was looking at diet options was does Capsiplex work?

I mean that’s what we want to know right? We want something that is finally going to work for us. Finally going to give us the confidence to wear what we want to wear and to avoid the dread that currently goes along with bikini season!!

So you are considering testing out some of the different natural slimming supplements out there and want some more info?

I wanted to share with you my research into Capsiplex Sport and answer the “does Capsiplex work” question from my perspective.

What Are Diet Pills?

Does Capsiplex Work?

Before I dive into the question ‘does Capsiplex work’, I figured it would be helpful to give you some background on what exactly diet pills are. And what are the main different kinds that you can choose from.

That way you can figure out if diet pills and weight loss supplements are the way you want to go, before choosing a brand and giving it a go.

So basically there are three main types of diet pills that you can purchase to help you lose weight. They can all be useful however they all help move unwanted pounds in a different way. So you want to choose the type of diet pill that is best for your situation.

  1. Fat Burners. These diet pills increase the rate that your body burns fat using a process called thermogenesis. They tend to be super effective for losing weight fast especially if you combine with exercise.
  2. Metabolism Boosters. These work to help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. This helps you keep burning fat even when you have finished working out.
  3. Appetite Suppressants. These work by making you feel more satiated after you eat. They help to suppress cravings and so help you lose weight by encouraging you to eat less calories.

Let’s start with how does Capsiplex work and go on from there…

How Does Capsiplex Work?

Capsiplex Sport is a fat burner and a metabolism booster in one. So it is super effective in helping you lose weight faster than with just diet and exercise alone. You can also choose to add an appetite suppressant however as I started losing weight and eating better, I found I was getting less cravings anyways.

Capsiplex’s main active ingredient is capsaicin. Which is the compound in chilies (capsicums) that make them hot. Capsaicin produces a strong thermogenic reaction in your body to boost your metabolism and also stimulates lipolysis. This is the process of breaking down fat.

It also includes other natural ingredients such as:

  • Vitamin B3 to help boost your energy levels.
  • L-Arginine which helps increase blood flow to deliver more oxygen to muscles.
  • Piperine which helps also to raise your metabolism and also helps increase the bioavailability of nutrients in the foods you are eating.
  • Caffeine to perk you up and get you moving.

Does Capsiplex Work?

The Science Behind Capsiplex

A study was carried out at the university of Oklahoma where participants either took a Capsiplex pill or a placebo before undertaking exercise. It consisted of 60 minutes walking on a treadmill. Researches monitored the participants before, during and after the exercise and found that participants who had taken the Capsiplex pills:

  • Burnt 3 times more calories before exercise.
  • Burnt 3% more calories during exercise. And.
  • Burnt 12 times more calories up to one hour after exercise, which resulted in 278 extra calories burnt! About the equivalent of 45 minutes riding a bike!

However there were quite a few diet pills I looked into that contained the active ingredients cayenne pepper, chilli or capsaicin. What makes Capsiplex different however is the concentration of capsaicin in each pill. You see, capsaicin can cause intestinal upset if taken in large dose. Think about how many chilies you could actually eat in one go! And so many supplements do not include a very high concentration of this ingredient to avoid any side effects. And the developers of Capsiplex say that a higher amount is required for effective calorie burning.

So what Capsiplex has done however is develop a specific beadlet or capsule with a special coating that allows the pill to pass through your stomach which can be sensitive and become irritated. And all the way to your intestines before it is released. So no discomfort is felt even with the higher dose of capsaicin.

Some Tips That May Be Helpful

Although Capsiplex Sport can definitely help you on its own, I would recommend combining taking this supplement with doing regular exercise as it seems those of us who combine these weight loss techniques had the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Also starting a healthy eating plan that’s right for your body and situation can also really help speed up results! Make sure you talk to your doctor however before starting any new diet or exercise plan.

Other Customer Capsiplex Reviews

There are some rave Capsiplex reviews out there, which helped me feel confident in giving this supplement a try. It has also helped celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and Roxanne Pallett lose weight.

Here are some other reviews I found online:

Hi, my name is Mia and I’m from Finland. I’ve been using Capsiplex for 2 years and when I started I lost 16lbs in 8 weeks. The fat just melted away. It was amazing!
I think the best thing about Capsiplex is that you can see the results so fast, and get the extra motivation of losing weight.
I’ve had a little break from using Capsiplex so now I’m really excited to use this new Capsiplex Sport to lose a few lbs again.
These 3 days have already shown me the power of these pills by giving me the energy back when I workout. I recommend Capsiplex Sport to all who exercise, to gain the benefits of sport without losing energy, and all who want to get rid of the fat in their body.
Mia, Finland.

Whilst using Capsiplex Sport I found that my energy levels were higher and I would sweat more during my cardio workouts.
Having used Capsiplex last year I lost 2 stone in weight in 2 months. This was part of a calorie controlled diet and I ended up at 12.5 stone.
Unfortunately I had to undergo surgery twice in the second half of 2014 which meant no gym activity for 6 months which resulted in the weight slowly but surely creeping back on.
I’m now at 13.5 stone but have every confidence that Capsiplex Sport will deliver that extra boost I need and some…
I would recommend this to anyone who is willing to push themselves in the gym and are prepared to change their diet. If you do this and use Capsiplex Sport, the pounds will literally melt away.
Sanj, United Kingdom.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Capsiplex?

Now that we know the answer to does Capsiplex work. Let’s look into buying options.

So when I decided to buy Capsiplex the first place I looked was Amazon. But I quickly discovered that the best place to buy Capsiplex is actually straight from the official website HERE. It’s the only way you will get your 60 day money back guarantee which I really wanted to make sure I got so I could try this diet pill risk free.

The Capsiplex website also has some awesome deals. At the moment if you order three containers of Capsiplex Sport you get three containers free. That totally saves you money. And remember there is a money back guarantee so you can buy the six containers for the price of three and then get a full refund on your money if you don’t see results after 60 days!

So I hope this helped to answer “does Capsiplex work” and if you want more information on the special offers on at the moment on the Capsiplex website. Check it out HERE.

Does Capsiplex Work?

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