These Foods Should Be Included In Your Everyday Diet

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Fruit And Veg

Food is obviously essential for us in our daily lives. However, this doesn’t mean that we should eat anything in sight. Any old food may keep us from being hungry but it the food we eat does not necessarily meet the amount of nutrition that that our bodies need.

Our bodies need certain amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in order for it to function properly on a daily basis. All of that contributes to our growth and our body’s ability to repair, reproduce and fight against illnesses and infection. Eating the right kinds of food reduces your risk of developing conditions such as cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.

So what exactly should we be incorporating in our everyday diet?

Fruit And Veg

We mainly get our vitamins and minerals from our daily fruit and veg intake. For example, the dark, green and leafy vegetables. They are packed with folate, iron, calcium, fiber and vitamins A, C and K. Folate is good for women who are of childbearing age in order to prevent their future babies from having neural-tube defect. Fruit and veg are so important to get in your daily diet. You can get folate from fruit and veg such as bell peppers and spinach. Vitamin K helps in improving your bone health and Vitamin C is gives your body the ability to fight off the free radicals in our body. Fruit and veg also promotes the production of collagen which is essential in your skin health.

Fruits are low in calories and fat but high in potassium, fiber and Vitamin C. Bananas for instance is a good source of potassium which can reduce the risk of developing hypertension. Apples are rich in fiber. Fiber is helping us protect ourselves from heart diseases and it keeps our cholesterol low. So make sure you are eating your fruit and veg every day.

Food Rich In Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are an important part of your diet but should be consumed sparingly. Food such as potatoes, natural bread (from the bakery and without added sugar), brown rice or wholewheat pasta. Carbohydrates is where we get a lot of our energy from. The carbohydrates we get from starchy food are broken down and converted to glucose which is then distributed all over our body. Glucose, a type of sugar, is needed by our tissues and organs in order to fuel them and enable them to do their necessary functions.

Make sure you choose wholegrain starchy foods because these have higher fiber content. Fiber helps control your cholesterol and sugar level, manage your weight and promotes healthy bowel function.

Protein-Rich Food

Protein is an essential building block in our body. Many of you should know that every single cell in your body needs protein so it can build and repair itself. It is also needed by the body to make enzymes that performs specific bodily function like digesting food. Examples of food that are rich in protein are salmon, beans, nuts and dairy products.

Milk And Dairy Products

Aside from protein, milk and dairy products are good sources of calcium, which is necessary in keeping your bones and teeth healthy. It can help your blood clot and your heart’s rhythm regulate. Examples of calcium-rich food are cheese, yogurt, and milk. But for many dairy products are not processed by the body well, so in general diary should be consumed sparingly. You can also get calcium from non-dairy products such as spinach, sardines and soybeans.

It is essential that you include foods rich in calcium in your diet because if your body is not getting enough calcium then it will take calcium from your bones. In effect, your bones will weaken and you will have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis.

Foods Containing Fat And Natural Sugars

Before you get too excited, we are not talking about foods like McDonald’s or any other fast food for that matter. Foods that are rich in fat do not make us fat, as long as you are eating the right types of fat! Fat from food is needed by our bodies to help us perform at our best. They protect our internal organs and they do play an important role in transporting the fat-soluble vitamins all over our body so we still need to include this in our diet.

When we say you should eat some sugar in your diet, we are not talking about refined sugar! Don’t go rushing off to the store and get a candy bar. Virtually all of your sugar intake should come from fruit, and not packaged foods.

Don’t Forget Fluids

Remember to drink water. Lots of water each day! It is an important element in our diet because it is the fluids that help transport the nutrients and the wastes in our body. It helps in food digestion and in controlling your body temperature. Fluids come in many forms such as fruit juice, sodas, energy drinks, and milk. However, our bodies don’t need any of these except water. Try drinking at least half your body weight in ounces each day.

How much of what we eat plays a critical role in our health. If we eat too little then we may be depriving our body with the essential nutrients that it needs in order to stay healthy. Eating too much, however, could lead to unwanted weight gain and it increases our risk in developing illnesses. So we need to improve our eating habits. For example, avoiding eating in front of the TV or while doing something else can help you avoid overeating. Chewing your food slowly will also allow your brain enough time to process whether you are full or not.

Keep in mind that what you eat affects your health and your weight. Favoring a more nutritious food over junk food is always a good place to start. Having the about foods along with the best weight loss shakes on a daily basis will finally help you get back on track to a healthy body.

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