Is A Longer Workout Always Better? What About High Intensity Exercises?

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High Intensity Exercises

Many people think that the more time they spend at the gym the better results they’ll get. So they spend at least 2 hours at the gym each session. 5 days a week. As you can imagine, they won’t be able to go at much intensity going to the gym for that long. What if I was to tell you that they may be getter far worse results for their time spent than you can get not even needing to go to the gym? Sound good? What we are talking about is high intensity exercises.

Well, recent studies have actually shown that short high intensity exercises are not only more effective for muscle building, but also for weight loss. How good is this? Less time exercising / at the gym and better results. This new method of exercising is called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

What Is HIIT And High Intensity Exercises?

I don’t know about you, but I very rarely push my body to its limits. I would go for a run which is more of a slow jog sleep. I would go for a leisurely bike ride instead of pushing myself too hard. I never gave myself the opportunity to reach my limits. That is until I heard about HIIT and high intensity exercises.

HIIT is pushing yourself to the limits. We are referring to sprinting, push ups, or riding, etc. This may sound hard but you only need to push yourself to the limit for a short period of time. Usually only around a minute. Then you take a break. Then repeat.

Let’s use sprinting as an example. Sprint for 45 seconds to a minute, then take a break for around a minute. In this situation it would mean going to a slow jog or fast walk. Then you sprint again. Then break. Repeat this for around 15 minutes. And that’s it. This will help you lose weight and get super fit!

HIIT Is More Fun

Let’s face it, most people don’t like spending hours at the gym going for a long slow jog on the treadmill or on an exercise bike for an hour. So boring! HIIT is great for spicing up your workouts. It is more fun and takes FAR LESS time! For maximum enjoyment, pair up with a partner. This way you can push each other, race each other, and have more fun.

It Takes Less Time

Many of us use the excuse, “I don’t have time to go to the gym tonight”. This is because going to the gym, working out, then going back home can take 2 hours all up. Not many people have a spare 2 hours a day they can spare. So what happens is we say we don’t have time. The great thing about HIIT is that is doesn’t take up much time. You can walk out your front door and start your HIIT exercises almost right away. Then you’re back home in 20 minutes. All you need to do is to give up watching 1 TV show which runs for 30 minutes. Easy! And you only need to do these high intensity exercises 2 to 3 times a week. So you save around 9 hours a week by doing HIIT.

See Results Faster

Not only do we need to spend less time doing these high intensity exercises, but we also see results faster. Sure you can see results from slaving away at the gym. But why not get faster results and have more fun? If you do high intensity exercises instead, you can see results in around half the time of those from the gym. And HIIT is not just for the super fit. Anyone can use high intensity exercises to get fit and healthy. However, if you do have health conditions, it may be best to first see your doctor to give you the all clear before you try HIIT.

Overeating After Long Workouts

I always find that after I went for a long gruelling workout or an epic hike it would make me so hungry. And it usually gave me cravings for some unhealthy foods and even beer. So I would stuff myself full of any food I could find and have a beer. It feels like you need a solid reward if you do a long workout or hike for example. The problem is that you are probably negating the benefits you just got from your exercise. So next time you do a long workout, try a weight loss shake instead of over eating. Read our SlimFast reviews here. The urge to overeat after high intensity exercises is far lower. After all, you only need around 20 minutes for these exercises so we can have our normal healthy meal.

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