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SnoreMeds Review

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SnoreMeds Review





Ease Of Setup







  • Helps you stop snoring fast.
  • Moldable.
  • Sizes for both men and women.
  • Great value for money.
  • 45 day money back guarantee.


  • May experience some jaw soreness for the first few nights.
  • Jaw is locked into position.

SnoreMeds Review. One of the biggest relationship killers today is snoring. It can be so frustrating for your partner to hear you snoring loudly night after night. And as a result they get little sleep and feel grumpy almost every day. Not to mention the negative effects snoring has on you. Such as drop in confidence, lack of sleep from waking throughout the night, and of course the effects on your relationship.

The good news is that there are many things we can do to stop snoring. There are many stop snoring mouth pieces available, but they are not all created equal. Some are far better than others. And some will just leave your jaw unbelievable saw the next day.

Today we are talking about SnoreMeds mouth piece. So let’s find out how it fairs and dive into our SnoreMeds review.

SnoreMeds Review: What is SnoreMeds?

SnoreMeds ReviewSnoreMeds review. As we may know snoring is caused as a result from out airways being partially closed or blocked by our lower jaw and tongue. Since this air passage is far narrower than it should be, when you breathe it causes vibrations (snoring). So generally stop snoring mouth pieces either stop our tongue or jaw (or both) from dropping back into our throats. And therefore stopping us from snoring.

SnoreMeds is a snoring solution that works from the first night of use and has been selling well for the last 8 years. It works by opening your airways to enable you to sleep better and stop snoring. SnoreMeds is both BPA free and Latex free. It is easy to fit for the first time unlike some other mouth pieces out there such as TheraSnore which can be a little complicated to fit.

SnoreMeds mouth piece lasts around 1 year assuming you look after it. This seems to be about average in the snoring mouth piece world. If it starts to get uncomfortable or too dirty before then, replace then.

Like all snoring mouth pieces, if you have dentures or unhealthy gums, you should not use any stop snoring mouth piece. These kinds of products should not be used on children either as their gums are still developing.

How Does SnoreMeds Work?

How does SnoreMeds work? Firstly you need to mold it to your mouth. Try and be careful here as you can only mold it twice. Once properly molded, i pulls your jaw forward with a solid mouth piece and as a result also pulls the tongue forward. This results in more room for your airway. And stops snoring.

Like all night mouth pieces, the SnoreMeds will take a few nights to get used to. But after the first few nights, it is actually pretty comfortable. But unlike TheraSnore which has some movement in the mouth piece, SnoreMeds is a solid mouth piece. This means some might experience a little soreness in the morning until you get used to the mouthpiece. This should subside soon after using it for a few days and once you get used to it. If it doesn’t subside, you may need to re-mold the mouth piece to your mouth.

How To Mold SnoreMeds

It is a pretty simple process to mold SnoreMeds as long as you follow the instructions. Check out this video below for instructions on how to mold SnoreMeds.


Not everyone’s mouth is the same size. This is why SnoreMeds have created 2 different sizes to suit almost anyone. Of course both sizes are further customizable during the molding process. The large (original) size is designed for men and the small for women who snore.

SnoreMeds Review

45 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

SnoreMeds are currently offering a 45 day money back guarantee. So if it’s just not working for you for example, you can send it back for a refund. As per usual, all you need to do is contact SnoreMeds within 45 days and ship the product back to them.

Cleaning Your SnoreMeds Mouth Piece

Use the spatula which is supplied to hold your mouthpiece. Then use a toothbrush with tooth paste to clean it. Or you can use Polident tablet and drop the mouthpiece in a cup. Or you could even use mouthwash to keep the mouthpiece clean.

SnoreMeds Review: What Other People Are Saying About SnoreMeds

While looking for another SnoreMeds review online to see what others thought about the product, I came across these comments.

“I used to be so embarrassed about my snoring problem. I only had to take one look at my wife’s face in the morning to know that it had been another long, exhausting night for her. So I decided to look for a solution. I came across the SnoreMeds site and was immediately interested at what they were offering. Thanks to SnoreMeds, I’m now able to look my wife in the eye again.”
Jason Torrance, 58

“I feel much better now that I have tried your product. I was a bit skeptical at first. After all, everything I had tried previously hadn’t worked. But after a few nights of getting used to the SnoreMeds snoring mouthpiece – its comfortable fit and feel in my mouth – I was sold. And suffice to say, my snoring has gone.”
Shirley Cook, 39

“The Sound of Silence. It only took me about a week to get comfortable wearing the mouthpiece, and it literally stopped my snoring the first night I wore it. I confess I was skeptical about trying it, but you can’t argue with the sound of silence. My wife thanks you…”
Jimmie M.

SnoreMeds Shortfalls

  • Fixed position which doesn’t allow your jaw to move at night. Can take some getting used to. And some have initial pains from use.
  • Life expectancy of the product. SnoreMeds lasts up to a year but can often last as little as 4 months if not taken care of properly. Good thing this product is so affordable.
  • The mouth piece is put in just cooler than boiling water to mold to the mouth. If you accidently bite the edges of the mouth piece, it is really difficult to save the product.

SnoreMeds Benefits

  • Helps you stop snoring from your first night of use.
  • Can help sleep apnea.
  • Cost effective option.
  • Moldable to your mouth for a comfortable fit.
  • 2 sizes – for men and women.
  • 45 day money back guarantee.

Final Verdict

Overall this is a really good sleeping aid. It helps almost everyone who tries it to stop snoring either the first night or soon after. It is pretty easy to mold to your mouth especially compared with some other brands. They also offer a 45 day money back guarantee which is a little longer than most brands. But we have found that it does cause a bit of soreness in your jaw for the first week or two. This is mainly just in the morning. SnoreMeds say this is due to your muscles building up to hold it into the new position. It would get a slightly higher score if it was a little more comfortable and the morning soreness was resolved.

Where To Buy SnoreMeds

SnoreMeds ReviewNow that we come to an end of our SnoreMeds review, let’s talk about where the best place to buy SnoreMeds is.

While you cannot buy SnoreMeds in stores for the time being, it can however be bought online. You cannot buy SnoreMeds on however it can be purchased on

I have found the prices to be slightly cheaper and free delivery when you buy SnoreMeds directly off the manufactures website here or click the “buy now” button below. From their website you can also buy SnoreMeds in larger bulk packs. And the larger the pack, the cheaper it is per mouth piece.

Finished reading our SnoreMeds review but still have questions? Post them in the comments below and we will answer them as soon as possible.

SnoreMeds Review

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