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Tava Tea Review

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Tava Tea Review

Tava Tea









  • Burns fat.
  • Helps prevent certain heart diseases.
  • Helps reducecholesterol.


  • Weight loss results will depend on other aspects of your lifestyle such as what else you are eating and how often you are exercising.
  • Doesn't work for some people.
  • Costly.

Want to lose some of those extra pounds? Enjoy drinking tea? Why not combine the two together! Lose weight while drinking tea. Simply replace your regular tea or coffee with a weight loss tea and you’re away!

If you’ve been looking for the right weight loss tea for a while you, you will know how many weight loss teas there are in the market. Well, let’s get straight into the Tava Tea review.

Tava Tea Review – What Is Tava Tea?

Before we get too far into the Tava Tea review, I just wanted to mention that Tava Tea is not just for those looking to lose weight. Tava Tea is a great tasting tea, which has many health benefits (see Tava Tea Benefits below).

Tava Tea use a blend of 3 high quality organic whole leaf teas. Wuyi Cliff Oolong (Wu Long), Puerh, and Sencha. These are wrapped in a silk bag to allow all the flavors to freely steep into your tea. Furthermore, these tea bags are so durable and the tea so flavorsome that they can be used multiple times. Whereas this would not work well with regular supermarket brand teas. These tea bags quickly become flavorless and the tea bag falls apart. To keep the cost down, supermarket brand teas use very fine leaves often resembling dust. Definitely not the same as you get in the whole leaf Tava Tea.

How Does Tava Tea Work?

Tava Tea is an effective slimming tea with no side effects. How does Tava Tea work? Well it all comes down to the 3 teas that were chosen. Simply drink 2 cups of Tava Tea each day and let these powerful slimming teas work their magic. Oolong (Wu Long) and Puerh (2 of the tea leaves chosen for Tava Tea) teas have been used in China for over 5 thousand years because of their great healing properties.

And it’s the ingredient in Tava Tea called polyphenols which are responsible in activating an enzyme which dissolves one of the most common form of fats in your body. This fat is called triglycerides. In a 2007 American study, this tea reduced these fats by a massive 80% in rats. It is suggested that for maximum results, try drinking Tava Tea around 15 minutes prior to eating foods with carbohydrates. This helps maintain more consistent insulin levels.

Tava Tea also calms your body and mind. Not only it can help you lose weight and has numerous health benefits but it can also help relax you. It’s the amino acid L-theanine in Tava Tea that helps you keep calm and relaxed.

Often with teas, this list would be pretty long. Tava Tea is a blend of 3 powerful teas.

  • Wuyi Cliff Oolong (Wu Long).
  • Puerh.
  • Sencha.

Tava Tea Review

These teas have the ability to help us in so many ways. Further info in the “Tava Tea Benefits” section below.

Tava Tea Benefits

Tava Tea has many benefits and helps with:

  • Burning fat.
  • Preventing certain heart diseases.
  • Reducing cholesterol.
  • Blood circulation.
  • Digestion of food.
  • And they contain antioxidants.
  • Plus more.

Tea Bags

Tava Tea ReviewThe Tava Tea bags are not just some regular tea bags, which are designed to hold all the dust of regular supermarket teas. Tava Tea bags are made with silk, which allows the tea to steep more effectively which results in a better tasting tea.

Organic Certification

Tava Tea ReviewTava Tea is made from USDA and CERES certified organic ingredients. You have probably heard of USDA certified organic certification as this is mainly used when you buy your fresh organic vegetables. CERES is a program that scrutinizes further making sure companies are following USDA guidelines and facilities are inspected once a year.

Free & Discreet Shipping

When you buy Tava Tea in a package of three months or more, you are eligible for free shipping. Orders are shipped out pretty quickly and to get your package in the USA, you’re looking at 2-5 days for delivery. If you live in mainland Europe, expect to see your Tava Tea in 2-6 days. And everywhere else the delivery time is 5-14 days.

The Tava Tea shipping packaging won’t have lots of labels on there telling the world what you bought. All shipping packaging is discreet.

Tava Tea Side Effects

Good news here! There are no reported side effects of drinking Tava Tea. Since Tava Tea uses organic and whole healthy green tea leaves, there is basically no room for them to contain any nasty chemicals or additives. Tava Tea side effects – None!

Tava Tea Facts

  • Helps you burn around 2.5 times more calories than drinking regular green tea.
  • No known side effects.
  • Organic tea.
  • Have numerous health benefits (See Tava Tea benefits below).
  • Tastes great.
  • Each tea packet contains 20 bags of tea (each bag can be used multiple times so 1 package is usually enough for 1 month).
  • Free shipping (when an order of a 3 months’ supply or greater is ordered).

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied for whatever reason in the first 30 days when you buy Tava Tea, you can get your money back. Simply contact Tava Tea, send the remaining products back to them. For the full details of their satisfaction guarantee, I would suggest visiting the Tava Tea website here.

Tava Tea Shortfalls

You can’t have a Tava Tea review without listing the shortfalls. The rate in which Tava Tea works seems to vary from person to person. The weight loss results will depend on other aspects of your lifestyle such as what else you are eating and how often you are exercising. Make sure to eat lots of healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits and get in some exercise each day where possible.

Also, the price is obviously higher than regular supermarket brand teas. This is due to a much higher quality product being used and the tea is made up of whole tea leaves. Whereas most of the time supermarket brands have fillers and what seems to be dust in the bags. This is why supermarket brand tea bags are far more dense, so the dust won’t get out so easily.

Other than that, the tea will be hot so be careful 🙂

Where Can I Buy Tava Tea?

Tava Tea Review

Now that we are coming to the end of our Tava Tea review, where can I buy Tava Tea? Well you can buy Tava Tea in stores. However, what I have found is that the price is usually around 20% more expensive. This is why I never buy it in the stores.

If you are looking to buy only 1 pack of Tava Tea, the cheapest place to buy Tava Tea is Amazon.com

However, if you are looking to buy more than one, easily the best place to buy Tava Tea is from the official Tava Tea company website here. And the larger the package you buy, the bigger the savings.

So to summarize where can I buy Tava Tea. The following are the cheapest places to buy Tava Tea:

Buy Tava Tea Single pack:

Tava Tea Review
Buy Multiple Packs Of Tava Tea:

Tava Tea Review

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