The Super Foods That Are Amazing For Your Skin

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The Super Foods That Are Amazing For Your Skin

It’s no secret that in order to have amazing skin you have to follow a skin care regimen religiously and to watch what you eat. What we eat matters because there are certain foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that promote skin health. So if you want to eat your way to having flawless and healthy skin, here are some super foods that you can easily add into your diet to get you started in your journey.


Consider avocados as one of your skin’s best friends. And this is one of our favorite super foods. Avocados have antioxidants like alpha and beta-carotene and lutein that fights off free radical compounds that can potentially damage your skin. They have Vitamin C that promotes the production of elastin and collagen and Vitamin E that also prevents the free radical damage to your skin cells. Healthy fatty acids are present in avocados that hydrate and moisturize your skin. Talk about a great options of super foods.


You wouldn’t think of yogurt as a super foods would you? Well I guess that it depends on the yogurt you buy. As long as you get plain organic unsweetened yogurt, it is a healthy snack that is a good source of Calcium that promotes skin renewal. It also contains Zinc which gives yogurt its anti-inflammatory property and lactic acid that help prevents (or reduce) the appearance of wrinkles.


Blueberries are another of our favorite super foods. We often use blueberries to create smoothies, juices or add them on to our oatmeal and yogurt snack. Or better yet, they can be eaten on their lonesome. Blueberries are high in Vitamins A, C and antioxidants. Antioxidants help in reversing whatever damages the free radicals and the toxins have done to our bodies. Blueberries can also neutralize the oil in our skin preventing us from getting acne and other skin issues.


A versatile and delicious food. Walnuts are another one of our super foods. You can add walnuts into salads, add them on to your cereal or oatmeal or eat them as a snack. They are a little high in calories, but they are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that keep the skin plump and moisturized. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce scalp irritation.


Our final choice of our favorite super foods is Tomatoes. Tomatoes are super common in most house hold kitchens. Not only do they taste good, but they are also one of the superfoods that will help keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Tomatoes are very rich in lycopene which combats aging and reduces your risk of getting skin cancer.

There is more that you can do with tomatoes then just eat them. Tomatoes can be used as a face mask or an astringent. Tomato astringent is really effective especially if you have oily skin. You can crush one tomato, strain it then add cucumber juice and apply this to your face daily using a cotton ball. To make a mask, just add flour to the tomato juice and mix until you create a paste.

Your lifestyle and the food you are eating reflects on your skin health. If you have dull, dry, itchy, flaky, or skin that is prone to breakouts at the moment, then maybe it’s time to evaluate what you’re eating because one healthy choice at a time could make a difference in the long run. Want to take your skin health to the next level? Then there are a couple of things you can do. I would suggest starting with drinking Skinade to help improve the apearance of your skin. Or check out our Microderm MD reviews here.

Have you experienced a change in your skin because of what you eat? We would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

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