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TheraSnore Reviews

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TheraSnore Reviews





Ease Of Setup







  • Helps you stop snoring from the first night.
  • Super comfortable and no jaw soreness.
  • Adjustable.
  • You are able move your jaw while using TheraSnore.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Setup can be difficult.
  • Little harder to clean than other snoring mouth pieces.
  • On the pricier side.

TheraSnore reviews. Snoring can be really hard on relationships both new and old. It can quickly be the end of a new relationship or can drive your partner stir crazy after many years of listening to you snore.

Not to mention that snoring can keep us up at night and therefore creating a very tired and braindead you. Getting a lack of sleep at night can cause many issues and one of them is a reduction of cognitive function.

So what should we do? And is TheraSnore for me? Find out by reading our TheraSnore reviews below.

TheraSnore Reviews: What is TheraSnore?

TheraSnore reviews. Why do we snore? Snoring is caused by our lower jaw and tongue falling backwards into our throat and therefore closing most of our airway. This causes vibrations or snoring. And as we know there are different levels of snoring severity.

The TheraSnore is a stop snoring mouth piece which has been clinically proven to stop snoring and even help with mild to moderate sleep apnoea. And you don’t need to wait weeks or even months for results to start showing. Basically as soon as you can keep it in your mouth all night, you should see results.

Clinically tested, TheraSnore is FDA approved. And it has been used by the NHS for over 10 years. Approximately 98% of people who use TheraSnore have found it to have greatly helped with their snoring.

How Does TheraSnore Work?

TheraSnore ReviewsThere are different types of stop snoring mouth pieces available today. Some lock your jaw in place to prevent the tongue / jaw from falling back. And some hold your tongue forward like Good Morning Snore Solutions. However, this is how TheraSnore works.

The upper section of the TheraSnore fits nicely over your upper teeth. The upper section is connected to a lower section but has some play in it so you are still able to move your jaw. Unlike some other stop snoring mouth pieces which lock your jaw in place. This movement prevents a sore jaw in the morning. The lower section (which is adjustable), sits behind your lower front teeth. This prevents the lower jaw from slipping backwards and closing up your airways. Keeping the jaw in the correct position will keep your airways open during sleep and as a result, you (and your partner) will get a better nights sleep.

Is It Comfortable?

Like all stop snoring mouth pieces, the TheraSnore will take a few nights to get used to. But after the first few nights, it is actually surprisingly comfortable. And this is thanks to the movement you get from TheraSnore. It is not locked into position and therefore allowing your jaw to move. Also, both upper and lower sections are cushioned nicely and you don’t get those hard edges digging into your mouth like you can with some other mouth pieces. So to answer the question, is it comfortable. It is super comfortable! In fact, we believe that you will barely even notice it a couple of weeks after trying it.

One Size Fits All

The TheraSnore comes in one size. However, this size is adjustable to 5 different positions and sizes. This way you can get that perfect fit and not have to worry about the snoring mouthpiece sliding out or moving around in your mouth.

Is it hard to fit? Not as easy as some other stop snoring mouth pieces. You can fit the TheraSnore by yourself however some people still like to get a dentist to fit it.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Not sure if you will like this product? TheraSnore are offering a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you buy TheraSnore and it doesn’t work for you, or you just find it too uncomfortable for example. You can get your money back. You will still need to pay for shipping though to ship your product back.

TheraSnore Reviews

Cleaning Your TheraSnore Mouth Piece

Cleaning and caring for your TheraSnore is super simple. All you need to do each morning is to give it a little rinse with cool water and brush it with a soft toothbrush to remove any debris. Other than that, all you need to do is to soak the TheraSnore once a week. Do this in warm water (not hot as this could damage the product) with the Nitradine dissolved. Leave soaking for 30 minutes to maintain a clean, fresh appliance.

And remember not to store the TheraSnore in water.

Other TheraSnore Reviews

Here are some other TheraSnore reviews I found online.

“This is a quick message about the success that I have had with the TheraSnore. Since I have started using the device, I must say my wife does not have to nudge me to tell me to roll over at night due to snoring. I also feel like I am getting a better nights sleep and feel refreshed in the morning. I have not felt this way in years. Thanks to Dr. Meade for his ingenious invention!”
Mr Johnson – Peterborough

“I don’t want to sound corny, but since I have had the Therasnore appliance fitted, it has made an incredible difference to my sleep and my relationship with the rest of the family! We are now all getting a good restful nights sleep. It took a little while to get used to, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but just felt a little strange at first. Cleaning it is easy, just soak overnight every few days to freshen up.”
Mrs Biddlestone – Birmingham

“I have tried many treatments for snoring in the past with limited success. I took the Sleep Apnea test and within 3 weeks was getting treatment and I had my first full nights sleep for 12 years. Your service is really first class”
Mr Peterson – Leeds

TheraSnore Shortfalls

  • Can take a few days getting used to at first.
  • Some TheraSnore reviews online saying the product didn’t work for them. Like all products, it may not work for absolutely everyone but it does work for the majority of people.
  • Can be hard for some to fit it properly and get the fitment right. Once it’s set up, you don’t have to play around with the sizing anymore.
  • Have to give it a rinse daily (like all stop snoring mouth pieces).

TheraSnore Benefits

  • Helps you stop snoring from your first night of use.
  • Can help sleep apnea.
  • Comfortable.
  • Adjustable.
  • You are still able to move your jaw while wearing TheraSnore.
  • 1 year warranty.

Final Verdict

TheraSnore ReviewsThis is a great stop snoring mouth piece. Works for almost everyone, isn’t too pricey to buy, and is super comfortable. The only real factor to consider before you buy TheraSnore is that it can be a little difficult to fit. Some people get their dentist to fit the product to make that process easier. But this adds to the cost. If it was easier to fit, I would have given it a little higher mark.

Where to Buy TheraSnore

Now that we come to an end of our TheraSnore reviews, let’s talk about where the best place to buy TheraSnore is.

If you want the best price and quickest delivery, the best place to buy TheraSnore is from the official manufactures website here. Go back home here.

TheraSnore Coupon Code. If you want 20% off when you buy TheraSnore, use this code: “Spring20”.

TheraSnore Reviews

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