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ViSalus Reviews

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ViSalus Reviews

Have you tried what seems like almost every diet available?

Do you struggle to lose weight and keep it off? Well, you are definitely not alone!

A huge percentage of people struggle with diets or tend to put the weight back on plus more once the diet period is over. And many are expensive, risky or are difficult to fit in with all our different lifestyles.

Have you ever tried weight loss shakes or meal replacement shakes?

They are a great option to lose weight and keep off the pounds. And as a massive bonus, they are far cheaper than many other weight loss options.

But all weight loss shakes are not created equal!

Want to know more about one of our top pick best weight loss shakes? Then keep on reading our ViSalus reviews and find out… does ViSalus work?

What Are ViSalus ViShape Weight Loss Shakes? ViSalus Reviews

ViSalus ViShape is a meal replacement shake that is a little different to many other weight loss shakes. They only sell one flavor, which is sweet cream whereas many other brands carry several different flavors. So what ViSalus ViShape shakes do instead is to allow you to add in flavor mix-ins. That way you will have several flavors from the one product. Pretty neat. Or of course, you can add in other things instead such as fresh fruit to turn it into a yummy smoothie.

ViSalus ViShape is designed to help you lose weight. They recommend in order to lose weight you simply replace 1-2 regular meals with ViSalus ViShape shakes. It is recommended that you replace your breakfast with ViSalus ViShape. And if you want to speed up your weight loss journey, you can replace either lunch or dinner as well. It is not recommended that you replace all of your meals with ViSalus ViShape.

Does ViSalus work? Well we think that it does. It works really well to help you lose weight and is super easy to stick to regardless of how busy you are. ViSalus ViShape also has an exclusive Tri-Sorb protein blend which is low fat, has low sodium, low calories, low sugar levels, and a lower carbohydrate amount than many other brands.

Available ViSalus ViShape Shakes Flavors

ViSalus ViShape comes in one base flavor – sweet cream. However, there are 2 additional mix in flavors available which are a concentrated blend of heart-healthy polyphenols. And best of all, you can even add them into your cereal or other foods as an added flavor and health benefit. The flavors are:

  1. Strawberry Phyto-Power – Polyphenols equivalent of eating around 50 strawberries and includes cranberry, raspberry, and other health supporting nutrients.
  2. Chocolate Cardia Care – Polyphenols equivalent of eating around 6 to 8 bars of dark chocolate.

How Do ViSalus ViShape Shakes Taste?

ViSalus ViShape shakes taste great! And that is one of the best things about the shakes. On their website, they say that ViSalus ViShape is “the shake mix that tastes like a cake mix”. So yeah, tastes good and not too sweat. You can blend these shakes with milk, almond milk, soy milk or even water. That is up to your personal preference.

Value For Money

ViSalus Reviews

ViSalus ViShape shakes are very good value for money however, not as cheap as some other weight loss shakes. They come in at just under $1.50 a shake / meal. So still very good value and very affordable.

Nutritional Information

Overall ViSalus ViShape shakes have very good nutritional information. Here is a bit of a summary:

  • Very low in fat – each shake mix only has 1 gram of fat.
  • Low sodium – only 75 mg of sodium per serving.
  • Low sugar – less than 1 gram of sugar per serving.
  • Gluten free.
  • Ingredients include – protein Blend (Non-GMO Trisorb Soy Protein, Hydrolysate Whey, and Concentrate Whey), non-GMO Soy Protein, Fibersol, aminogen, pre-biotics, Vitamins.
  • The Base mixture is only 90 calories – more if you are adding other ingredients or milk.

To view the full nutrition panel, click here. Some flavors have been discontinued.

Fibersol Hunger Blocker

Fibersol Hunger Blocker is a new patented fiber blend exclusive to ViSalus ViShape. It helps keep you feeling full and provides the benefits of fiber without the gas that can be caused by other types of fiber.

Gluten Free

ViSalus Reviews

If you are suffering from celiac disease or are on a gluten free diet, then it is safe for you to drink ViSalus ViShape Shakes. These shakes are gluten free!

What I Didn’t Like About ViSalus ViShape Shakes

There wasn’t a whole lot that I didn’t like about ViSalus ViShape shakes, but there were a few things that I wanted to share:

  • Lack of information on the ViSalus website.
  • More expensive than some other weight loss shakes.
  • Flavor mixes need to be purchased separately (in most cases).
  • Would like to see more flavors.

What I liked About ViSalus ViShape Shakes

On the other hand, there were more things that I really liked about ViSalus ViShape.

  • They taste great. I have only tried the plain and chocolate flavors and they are awesome! I hear the strawberry flavor is great too!
  • They work! There are countless reports on the internet with many success stories. And you just need to check out Amazon reviews for further proof!
  • Low calories. Each shake or meal only contains around 140 calories.
  • Great source of protein.

Final Verdict Of Our ViSalus Reviews

ViSalus ViShape shakes are a really good option if you are looking to lose weight or even build muscle. And it is currently our #2 top pick. ViSalus ViShape shakes taste great, keep you full for long periods of times and can be quite cheap. Especially in larger quantities.

We would definitely recommend that you give ViSalus ViShape shakes a try!

Where to Buy ViSalus ViShape Shakes?

So after reading heaps of ViSalus reviews online and also reading the ViSalus reviews on Amazon, they really seem to be a great choice of weight loss shakes. Does ViSalus work? Yes! Is ViSalus good value for money? Yes. So where to buy ViSalus? Well for starters you cannot buy ViSalus in stores unfortunately. This means that reading ViSalus reviews online is really important, as you can’t get recommendations from sales assistants.

But you can buy ViSalus on their official website or on Amazon. Here is a cost breakdown of each:

So to answer the question, where to buy ViSalus? The best place (by far) is Amazon.com.

ViSalus Reviews

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