What Body Shape Am I & How To Dress For Your Body Type

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What Body Shape Am I

What body shape am I? Everyone has different body types, sizes and shapes. Not all clothes will appear flattering to all women. Clothes shopping and dressing up won’t be difficult as long as you know your body type. And you understand which of your features you need to accentuate to look your best. Anyone can look great if they choose the right clothes. The same goes for the opposite situation, anyone can look less than flattering if they wear the incorrect clothing. This is why it is so important to know the different boy types and what body shape you are. If you look around you will see a lot of options when it comes to clothing so you have to trust that you will always find something that compliments your shape, proportion, style, color and personality. So what body shape am I?

Different Body Types – What Body Shape Am I?

Before going out on your next shopping spree, it is a good idea to first determine which body shape you have. With so many different body types, what body shape am I? Start off by standing in front of the mirror in your underwear. Put your legs together and your arms a little away from your side, look at yourself from your bust to your waists to your hips. Compare what you see to the body shape image above and reading the descriptions below. We will soon be able to answer the question, what body Shape am I. And we will find out what is most flattering for the different body types.

The Triangle

Women with triangle a body shape have slender upper body, full hips and great legs. Because their top is so slender, there is that urge to wear fitted shirts to show it off. However, doing this can only make your bottom half looking bigger than it is. Instead of fitted tops, create a balance by wearing layers. You can wear cardigans or cropped jackets. Three quarter sleeves and one-shoulder top will also look great on your body type.

For bottoms, go for boot-cut pants or dark medium-rise jeans. Wearing them with heels will give your legs added length. If you plan to wear skirts or dresses, try the A-line cut and avoid pleats.

The Hourglass

You will most likely be the envy of most women with your big bust, curvy hips and slim waist. If you have an hourglass figure, you would want to highlight your curves but not too much. Well-fitted and well-tailored jackets should be on your list and wear waist belts that defines your shape. Wrap dresses are a great option for your body type. And for your bottoms, bootleg pants, skinny jeans and skirts that stop at the knee are recommended.

Consider wearing outfits with solid colors because prints could sometimes hide your curves instead of highlighting them. Stay away from extra fabric and draping’s.

The Ruler

Rulers are naturally slender and athletic. The shoulders are narrow with small busts, waists and narrow hips. When choosing tops, boat necks, halters or off-the-shoulder shirts will flatter the most. Great choices for the neckline are ruffles, collars or cowl. Wrap dresses and princess line dresses or empire line dresses are the styles that one should go for. Choose fabric that could add femininity and softness like lace and silk.

For the bottoms, wear something that would create an illusion of a curve like pencil skirts or trumpet skirts.

The Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle body type has broad shoulders, slim waists and slender and amazing legs. Best way to dress up for women with the inverted triangle shape is to balance the lower bottom of the body so an hourglass silhouette is created.

V-necks are the best option because they minimize the upper body. Do not wear ruffles as they will add volume to the top. Avoid halter neck tops, shawl collars or big straps because these necklines will make your shoulders look broader. So do puff sleeves and shoulder pads. Enhance your bottom with A-line skirts, full skirts and full-bodied pants.

The Apple

Apples have rounded shoulders with full tummy and great legs. If you have an apple body shape, go for tops with simple lines and it is a must to wear a well-fitted bra. Wider necklines like scoop, v-necks and sweetheart necklines will flatter your body type. If you like wearing dresses or skirts, A-line cuts are best for you. For jeans, go for the dark-colored classic bootcut or flared jeans.


It’s all about perception. Different body types are considered Ideal change through the years. What was considered a perfect body type in the Victorian period is not the same as the perceived perfect body type in the 1900s or the 20th century. People of different culture or country may see these different body types differently too.

So What To Do?

Nowadays, anyone can still look good regardless of their size, shape and proportion as long as they know how to work with what they have. This is why it is so important to know what body shape am I. Take a look at actresses and models. Not all of them have perfect bodies but they understand what they have and what works for them. You have to remember that there are factors affecting the kind of body you have and one of these factors is genetics. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be altered although it can be somewhat manipulated with healthy lifestyle, a good diet and exercise. Some people tend to lose weight (or put on weight) faster in certain areas of the body but one can always design their exercise program to target their problem areas.

Each different body types and shapes have their own characteristics and uniqueness that needs to be considered when choosing clothes. It doesn’t really matter that much if you follow all the recent fashion trends but know that there will always be something available for you. So what body shape am I? You should now know all about the different body types and shapes and exactly how to dress for them. Go back Home here.

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