What Helps Skin Elasticity & How You Can Have More Supple Looking Skin

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What Helps Skin Elasticity

One of the biggest things to keep your skin looking youthful is to keep it elastic. The problem is that our skin starts to lose elasticity and gets worse as we get older. You may think that skin elasticity is only important on our faces, but really, it is important on our neck, chest, bust, and basically everywhere else too! Ever see those ladies who look amazing but their chests make them look much older? So what helps skin elasticity?

Luckily there are things that we can do to prolong or restore skin elasticity. They are.

What Helps Skin Elasticity: Avoid Excessive Sun

Our bodies need the vitamin D we get from the sun. However, it is easy for us to overdo our sun exposure and cause damage to our skin. We have all seen people who look like they have spent all day each day out in the sun. Their skin makes them look far older than they actually are. Excessive sun exposure does all sorts of bad things for our skin all the way up to skin cancer. This all being said, it is important to get some sun each day, doesn’t have to be for long. If you need to be outside for a longer period, try and cover up when possible instead of using sun screen. If you must use sun screen, make sure to use a natural one.

Avoid Steaming Hot Showers And Baths

As tempting as they are especially in the winter, try and avoid very hot showers and baths. This really hot water strips off the natural oils on our skin leaving it dry and dull. After showering, use an all-natural moisturizer to retain moisture in your skin.

Drink Lots Of Water, Then Drink More Water

Far too many of us don’t drink enough water each day and are actually dehydrated without even knowing it. This has some very negative effects on our skin longer term. When we are dehydrated, one of the first things to suffer is our skin. Without drinking enough water, our skin quickly becomes lifeless and dull. What helps skin elasticity? Drinking more water!

Eat Your Vegetables

Yes I know, you hear this one all the time for all sorts of health reasons. But did you know that eating vegetables can also help with skin elasticity? Having a mix of vegetables provides our bodies (and skin) with valuable nutrients and minerals we need to function well, and look great. Try add more vegetables to your diet such as broccoli, carrots, peppers, avocados, and although not a vegetable, add in some berries too.

Fish Oil

So what are some other things, what helps skin elasticity? Well taking fish oil tablets each day can do wonders. Fish oil helps rehydrate the skin and is great for those who have lost some weight and have their skin sagging a little. Make sure to follow the instructions on the fish oil packet.

Add More Vitamin C & E Into Your Diet

Vitamin C is used to form collagen in your body. Collagen is super important to help your skin be soft, supple, and elastic. The good thing about vitamin C is that if it doesn’t help improve your skin, it has other health benefits too so there is no losing. Although not scientifically proven, vitamin E has also been shown to improve skin elasticity. Don’t take any more of these vitamins than recommended.

Finally, Skin Elasticity Creams

The final thing that can help the question ‘what helps skin elasticity’ is a topical cream. There are plenty of products on the market today which all claim to help with skin elasticity. If you go down this route, just try and make sure to pick a product with natural ingredients in it. Skin drinks also have a good part to play here. Check out our Skinade reviews for further information.

So now that we come to an end of our topic, we hope that you have a good start here to get your skin back on track. We also hope that you never have to ask the question what helps skin elasticity again!

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