Where To Buy SmartShake Shaker Cup?

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Where To Buy SmartShake Shaker Cup

Ok, so you have your weight loss shakes powder ready, now you need a shaker bottle.

If you have ever owned shaker bottles before, you will know how convenient and amazing they are. But they are constantly improving and making our lives even easier by including clips, grips, and separate compartments to better organize you. They are also a must if you take your protein shakes breakfast to go or for lunch. They are also great for the gym. Now on to the main event, where to buy the SmartShake shaker cup?

What Is The SmartShake Shaker Cup?

The SmartShake shaker cup has an innovative design that should please even the fussiest of consumers. Not only does it have a very effective strainer to make sure your shakes are lump free, it also has two compartments. And you can add an insert, which is included with every purchase, into one of these compartments . This means you can easily split up your supplements for example. You can also carry your keys and credit cards in your drink bottle. Very handy product.

SmartShake Shaker Cup Features

  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Capacity – 20 oz
  • Leak proof
  • Convenient 3 storage compartments
  • Easy to use strainer to make sure there are no lumps in your shakes
  • Microwave safe
  • Freezer safe
  • If you have more than one SmartShake shaker cup, you can mix and match colors of the cups
  • Food grade approved
  • Compartmental organizer
  • Enough storage to hold up to 2 full scoops of weight loss shakes or protein powder

SmartShake Shaker Cup – Size

The SmartShake shaker cup comes in one size – 20 Ounces

SmartShake Shaker Cup Colors

The SmartShake shaker cup comes in many different colors. Check them out below.

Where To Buy SmartShake Shaker Cup

Where To Buy SmartShake Shaker Cup?

You’re here because you want to know where to buy SmartShake shaker cup. This can be bought in stores however it can be quite difficult to find and is generally more expensive than online anyway.

So I had a good look around online to find the cheapest price, which included shipping and from sites that look reputable.

I learnt that was the cheapest place to buy the SmartShake shaker cup. Prices start as low as $8.34 for the blue cup. Plus you get Free Shipping on orders above $35 with Amazon. I don’t think that anyone struggles to find something awesome on so it would be easy to spend $35 there. Or you can even get multiple SmartShake shaker cup to mix and match your colors.

So to answer the question, where to buy SmartShake shaker cup – (Linked for your convenience).

Where To Buy SmartShake Shaker Cup

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