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Where To Buy WonderSlim Shakes?

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Where To Buy WonderSlim Shakes?

Want to know where the best place to buy WonderSlim shakes are? Because they are currently on sale, find out where.


WonderSlim is currently on SALE when you buy directly from or click the “Buy on” button below. You just need to use the coupon code: 20NIBBLE to get 20% off WonderSlim! But hurry, sale ends at Midnight on 6th November 2016.

Ok, so you are here to find out where to buy WonderSlim shakes. So if you’re trying to lose some weight, then you will want to keep reading so that you get the best price, money back guarantee, and free shipping.

What Are WonderSlim Shakes?

Before we jump right into where to buy WonderSlim shakes, let’s first talk quickly about what they are. WonderSlim shakes are designed to be a meal replacement shake. This means that you can skip breakfast and instead have a WonderSlim shake. These shakes are packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals to not only keep you going for longer, but to keep your body happy too!

To start losing weight now, I would first recommend to just replace breakfast with a WonderSlim shake. If after about a week you are feeling great and can handle another shake. Try replacing lunch with a shake also. But only do this if you’re looking to lose a fair bit of weight. Otherwise 1 a day should be plenty to help you lose weight.

WonderSlim say that you can replace any meal with a shake but form personal experience, I found them most effective if you replace breakfast with a shake. But hey, that’s just my personal experience.

You can also buy WonderSlim shakes in two different forms. The most popular of buying WonderSlim shakes is in a powder form. You then mx yourself a drink. This is also the most cost effective option. However if you are looking for an even more convenient option, they also sell pre-mixed bottles. This can be really handy if you’re taking a bottle with you for lunch for example. No need to mix up the shake or carry around both water and powder.

WonderSlim also sell various other weight loss products on their site. Click Here to be taken to the WonderSlim website to find out more about these products..


Where To Buy WonderSlim Shakes?Plenty of flavors to choose from that will satisfy even the fussiest of customers. Here are the flavors.

  • Chocolate.
  • Chocolate cream.
  • Coco mint cream.
  • Dark cocoa cream.
  • Hazelnut cocoa cream.
  • Mocha cream.
  • Strawberry cream.
  • Vanilla cream.
  • Variety pack.

150% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Where To Buy WonderSlim Shakes?I did a double take when I read this too! No, it’s not a typo! WonderSlim are currently offering a 150% money back satisfaction guarantee.

This means that if you buy WonderSlim shakes but don’t like them or they don’t work for you, then you can get your money back plus more. Pretty awesome deal. I have never seen that before, they must be pretty confident in their products. It really takes out ALL the risk of buying these products.

Where To Buy WonderSlim Shakes?

Ok ok, we have gone on long enough. Where to buy WonderSlim shakes? Well unfortunately you cannot buy WonderSlim shakes in stores. So you need to get them online.

Online there are 2 places you can buy them. You can get them from WonderSlim’s official website or on

If you buy WonderSlim shakes individually, then they cost the same on both Amazon and the WonderSlim website.

But if you want to buy more than 1 pack, then it is best to buy them directly from the WonderSlim site as they do bulk discounts. Either way, the choice is yours.

Where To Buy WonderSlim Shakes?Where To Buy WonderSlim Shakes?

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