Why Do Yoga?

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Why Do Yoga?

Why Do Yoga? Yoga has been around for approximately 5000 years. It first seemed from the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India. You know if anything lasts anywhere near that long, it must be good. In the last few years yoga has made a real come back. And this is due to one of the common reasons why people do yoga. And that is that is makes you look great. Unlike working out where some people focus on particular areas of their body and neglect others. This leads to an un-uniform body and can look strange. Arm wrestlers are sometimes a really good example here.

Yoga leads to a nice uniform and toned body. So is this the only reason to do yoga? Why do yoga?

Muscle Gains

Why do yoga? As I mentioned, yoga is great for building muscle. And nice uniform muscle all around the body. Most of the hottest bodies around are thanks to yoga at least in part. But muscles do more than just look good. Yep, it’s true! Muscles actually protect our bodies from joint pains, injures, and even some medical conditions like arthritis. Muscle mass fades as we get older and that is part of the reason why we have so many aches and pains as we get older. This is why it is especially important to keep up yoga even as we get older. You can never be too old to practice yoga. It improves both muscle mass and at the same time flexibility.

Corrects Posture

Another reason why do yoga is that it can help correct our bad posture. Many of us don’t even know that we have bad posture until it is fixed. The issue is that most of us are suffering from bad posture and this is mostly thanks to our jobs. Most of us sit in front of a computer all day which leads to us slouching or leaning back on our chairs. Our computers are not setup correctly meaning that we are either reaching for our mouse / keyboard or the screen is too high / low. This all does really bad things for our posture and our muscles in our necks and backs pay for it. This is another reason why we are so tired at the end of each day. Yoga has a large part to play to help correct our posture. Yoga involves a full range of movements which works out our muscles without tiring them out. This includes our back and neck. Thanks to yoga, we can do a lot to correct our posture.

Blood Flow Increases

If you suffer from colds hands or feet, you could have an issue with your circulation. Good news is that yoga can have a really positive effect on blood flow. With all the stretching, bending, and doing head stands can all really help with blood circulation. In combination with controlled yoga breathing, it increases our oxygen levels in our cells. Which equals good things for our circulation. Having good blood flow helps prevent health issues such as strokes and heart disease.

Spine Protection

Maintaining a healthy spine is imperative for good health and posture. Our spines look after many nerves which travel all around our body. Luckily yoga helps improve posture as mentioned before. But it also has a really positive effect on our spines. Yoga keeps our spinal disks protected by getting them to move in a full range of motions. If you sat on the couch all day your spinal disks would not get much movement and therefore will be far more susceptible to damage or injury. Spinal disks love movement and exercise. Yoga provides both.

Decreases Blood Pressure

Consistent yoga has been proven by many studies to help reduce blood pressure. If blood pressure is an issue in your life, give yoga a try. Yoga involves much movement and relaxing breathing exercises which can relax you greatly. Another reason why do yoga.

Makes You Happier

Yoga can make you happier? Yep! Studies show that consistent yoga can make you happier as it releases serotonin levels in your body. And it also decreases cortisol and monoamine oxidase. Also good news! And this all leads to us being happier just by doing yoga.

Adrenal Glands Regulation

As if there already wasn’t enough reasons to do yoga. Yoga also helps with adrenal gland regulation. And as already mentioned it lowers cortisol levels. High cortisol levels cause food cravings as well as wreck havoc on our bodies. It can be linked to depression, insulin resistance, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure.

Sleep Better

Why do yoga? Well it helps you sleep better! Sleep is becoming a massive talking point today as the majority of us either aren’t getting enough sleep or suffer from insomnia. And this is a huge problem as we need to be well rested from a good nights sleep to function well the next day. A lack of sleep destroys our cognitive abilities and makes it difficult for us to stay focused. So how does yoga help us sleep better? Well it relaxes our minds and after yoga our thoughts are not racing. This leads to us being more relaxed and being able to sleep better. A recent study has shown that around 8 weeks of consistent yoga can helps improve even the most stubborn case of insomnia.


Many of us suffer from anxiety and / or stress. It is becoming far too common in today’s society. Our bodies operate under 2 different modes. Flight or fight. The fight mode is our body is ready for anything and we generally take shallow breaths in our chest. Our bodies were designed that way so when danger was present back in the day, our could react to it. Stress is a common indication that our body is in flight mode. So for many this is the majority of the day at work. And flight mode is when we are relaxed. Can yoga help with this? It sure can! Focusing on breathing is a major part of yoga. And this takes our focus away from things like our to-do list for the day. It allows us to live in the moment, even if only for a moment. This all leads to lower heart rates and more relaxation.

Finish Off A Yoga Class With…

Any good yoga class ends with savasana. For anyone who hasn’t tried yoga, savasana involves laying flat on your back, eyes closed, arms stretched out, and legs slightly apart. This is relaxation time. 100% of your focus is on your breathing. Deep belly breathing. Usually it involves counting back from a certain number and if your mind gets distracted and you forget which number you are up to, you start again. This really sets you up for the day. Just try not to fall asleep during this time. And yes, it does happen!

Try and get out to a yoga class starting this week. If you don’t have time or if it is a little too expensive for you to go on a consistent basis, there are many online website which you can follow a yoga class. The best that we have see is called YogaDownload. Check out our YogaDownload review here.

Would would love to hear from you in the comments below about your experiences with yoga. Both positive and negative. Share your experiences for all of us to learn from.

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