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WonderSlim Review

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WonderSlim Review

WonderSlim Review. If you are packing a few extra pounds and are struggling to get lose them, I can guarantee you that you are not alone! Did you know that around 45% of Americans wished to lose weight in their new year’s resolution back in 2015? So you are not the only one who is struggling with your weight!

What to do?

One option is to try a meal replacement shake. So today we will be talking all things weight loss shakes in our WonderSlim review.

WonderSlim Review – What Are These Shakes All About?

WonderSlim Review. These weight loss shakes have a parent company and they have been around since 2001. That’s a pretty long time! So what are these shakes all about?

WonderSlim is a meal replacement shake to help people lose weight without having to skip meals or another unhealthy habit. The idea is that you have a shake for breakfast instead of either skipping breakfast or having an unhealthy breakfast such as cereal. But you still get all the vitamins and nutrients by drinking these shakes. If you want to lose a little more weight faster, you can also replace lunch with a shake. But it is recommended that you first start with replacing breakfast just to make sure this product is right for you. Then the idea is to eat a healthy and nutritious dinner.

These shakes are super convenient. They come in a powder which you can mix with water or milk. Simply mix the powder with a spoon. Or if you want to get a little more fancy, mix with a blender or shaker cup.

These shakes are also available in a ready to drink pack. These are really convenient, but as you would expect, the ready to drink packs are more expensive per serving.

But meal replacement shakes are not the only thing that WonderSlim does. They also do diet kits, fruit drinks, diet bars, soups, snacks, desserts, hot drinks, and supplements just to name a few. We won’t be going through these today, but if you are interested in learning more about one of these products, click here to be taken to their site.

WonderSlim Review


There are a range of flavors to suit even the fussiest of customers. They are.

  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate cream
  • Mocha cream
  • Vanilla cream
  • Strawberry cream
  • Coco mint cream
  • Dark cocoa cream
  • Hazelnut cocoa cream
  • Variety pack

What Do They Taste Like?

There have been a few brands of meal replacement shakes that I have tried in the past which were… Well… Basically undrinkable!

So are these shakes any better?

I am pleased to say that these shakes actually taste really good. No chalky taste texture which is awesome. Most of the flavors are pretty creamy which is nice. If you want a less creamy shake, try one without the word ‘cream’ in the title. My favorite flavor is Mocha Cream. Give that one a try.


Cost isn’t an issue here just like many meal replacement shakes. They actually save you a lot of money compared to the meal equivalent. Costs around $1.80 per shake / meal.

Nutritional Information

Each WonderSlim shake contains approximately 15g of protein. This is great as this will help you go for longer after drinking a shake. It is also a higher amount of protein than many of their competitors. WonderSlim shakes contain 24 vitamins and minerals. They are: Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B6, B12, calcium, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, biotin, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, and molybdenum.

Gluten Free & Kosher

Some of the flavors are gluten free and kosher. Just be sure to order the gluten free or kosher option which are clearly marked.

WonderSlim Review

150% Satisfaction Guarantee

This is a very uncommon. Often you would see a money back guarantee but a 150% money back guarantee? Seems crazy to me! So that means that if you bought $100 worth of WonderSlim shakes and were unsatisfied with them, you would get back $150. So crazy! And this goes for all their products, not just the meal replacement shakes.

Free Shipping

Who doesn’t love free shipping. If you live in continental US, you get free shipping if you spend $69 or more on any WonderSlim product.

WonderSlim Review


Now we come to the necessary part of any review. WonderSlim review – shortfalls. The biggest thing that I don’t like is that some of the flavors have aspartame in them. Aspartame is a artificial sweetener which should be avoided according to recent studies. So stick with the flavors without aspartame then you should be fine, they are clearly labeled.

Also, after reading about one too many WonderSlim review online, I noticed that there were a few people that don’t like the taste of these shakes. Personally I think that they are crazy because they taste great. But I guess not everyone has the same tastes so I had to add that one in here.


Ok, so there wasn’t much that I didn’t like about WonderSlim shakes. That’s because in my opinion they are really good option for weight loss. Yep, they help you lose weight. So what are some of their other benefits?

  • I also think that taste great! I really enjoy having them for breakfast.
  • They contain the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.
  • Free shipping over $69.
  • They are super cheap per meal.
  • They offer a 150% money back guarantee! This means that you get your money back plus more if you’re not satisfied with these products.

Final Verdict

WonderSlim have done a great job with their meal replacement shakes. As mentioned before, I haven’t looked into their other products, but their shakes are great! They taste awesome, are super cheap, and actually help you lose weight. Highly recommend for those looking to lose weight or even don’t have time to make breakfast before work.

Best Place to Buy WonderSlim Shakes?WonderSlim Review

Where to buy WonderSlim shakes? There aren’t many options for buying WonderSlim shakes. They cannot be bought in stores so that leave online.

Basically there are only 2 places you can buy these shakes. You can get them on directly on the manufacturers website or on Amazon.

Thanks for reading our WonderSlim review. If you have any questions at all, please post them in the comments below.


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WonderSlim ReviewWonderSlim Review

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