Why Wont My Newborn Sleep? Babysleep Tips For New Parents

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Why Wont My Newborn Sleep? Babysleep Tips For New Parents

Why wont my newborn sleep? It is a tough time when we give birth especially to a first child. Just when you think the tough part is done and you can now start to care for your child, they won’t sleep. Babysleep time is great when it happens for longer periods of time, but is usually very short time periods. And all this means that you don’t sleep. And when you are sleep deprived, you can turn into a grumpy mom!

Babies do spend a lot of time sleeping in most cases. Just not for long periods of time and not at the right time. And you may often find that when you are about to drop and want to go to bed for the night, your baby has a different idea. They seem super awake and not at all interested in sleep. And if they do eventually get to sleep, they are up again in less than 2 hours for a feed.

Is there anything that we can do to help our baby sleep at night? Obviously it would be very difficult for them to sleep through the whole night, but how does 5 hours sound? Try our tips below to help your baby get a better night’s sleep. And when we say your baby, we mean you.

Why Wont My Newborn Sleep? Babies Have Tiny Stomachs

One of the main reasons why babies keep waking at night is that they have tiny little stomachs. This means that if they do not wake throughout the night to feed, they will go hungry. And to make things worse, mother’s breast milk is absorbed very quickly. This means that babysleep is short and they wake often during the night. So what are the things that we can do to help our babies sleep a little longer each night? Hopefully after reading these tips, you will no longer think why wont my newborn sleep…

Have A Bedtime Routine

Having a consistent bedtime routine can really do wonders. Usually a good thing to do is to bath your child then read them a story in bed. Or even have some soft relaxing music playing in their room. Having your baby go to bed at a consistent time each night can help train them to get tired at a consistent time each night helping them to fell asleep more easily. And try not to get your baby too excited before bed otherwise you’ll be up all night!

Look Out For The Signs Of A Sleepy Baby

As you will quickly learn, it can be really difficult to put a baby to sleep which is over tired and grumpy. Looks for signs of your baby getting tired and put them to sleep at that time. Some signs are a lost interest in what you are doing and starting to fuss over the smallest things.

Motion Sleepiness

During pregnancy when your baby was in your womb, they were constantly moving about when you went about your day. This is why so many babies love being rocked to sleep. So in the evening when it’s your baby’s sleep time, try rocking them to sleep. This can be in a range of different ways from walking around the room with your child, holding your baby while you use a rocking chair, or a baby rocking cradle.

Let There Be Light

Why wont my newborn sleep? It could be because your house is too dark due to the blinds being closed during the day. When your baby is in a dark room during the day they are more likely to fall asleep during the day and therefore sleep less at night. Make sure to keep your home bright and really blacken out the windows at bedtime to reinforce your baby’s time to go to sleep.

Last Thing To Do Before Bedtime Is Feed

Many parents change their child’s cloth diaper right before bed and after their feed. As you will quickly learn, this will wake the baby and it may be harder for them to fall asleep. It is often a good idea to change the diaper right before the feed or if you are extra talented, try and change the diaper during feeding. This one may take a while to master but is well worth it if you can do it well. You will have a fresh diaper on and feed, time for sleep.

Hopefully you can action some of these tips with success and have your baby sleep at the right times and for longer. No more asking yourself, why wont my newborn sleep.

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